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5 Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts to Make

Updated on June 18, 2009

Shopping for Dads can be difficult, but a homemade gift will carry more meaning than something bought at a store. Here are some ideas for the perfect homemade Father’s Day gift:

1. Decorated Picture Frame
Choose your favorite picture of you and Dad and create the perfect picture frame to go around it. Cut out shapes or objects that remind you of Dad, and glue them around the frame. Write a personal note to Dad on the frame. Be creative! Include objects that remind you of him or relate to his interests. Alternatively, you could decorate a small box in the same way, and place pictures or other important objects inside. Popsicle stick picture frames are a good choice as well!

2. Handprint Wall Décor
Very small children can make a meaningful gift for Father’s Day too! Cover the palm of your hand with paint and press it onto a paper plate to make a handprint. Then tie a bow to the bottom of the plate, or decorate around the handprint. Attach a loop of string to the back and give it to Dad as a personalized wall hanging!

3. Decorated Paperweight
Homemade paperweights are easy to make and useful for Dad at the home or the office! Find a smooth rock of any shape or size you want, wash it completely. Make sure it is big enough to hold down a stack of papers. Then paint it with fabric paint. Put Dad’s name on it, and use other paints to decorate. Finally, cover it with acrylic spray for an even finish.

4. Scrap Book
If you have lots of pictures of you and Dad, consider making him a scrapbook! You can purchase scrapbooks in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Use pictures that span your whole life, and include any special trips or events you and Dad have attended together. Write messages next to your pictures, and paste in small objects that remind you of him.

5. Personalized Card
Make Dad a card for Father’s Day. This is a traditional idea and one that Dad will love. Make your card unique by making it an unusual shape: a golf club or a fish, depending on Dad’s hobbies. Paste in a picture of you and Dad, and be sure to include a message inside! Include a coupon for one week of chores, or a home cooked meal. Enclose tickets to an event you can attend together!

Image Credit: woodleywonderworks, Flickr


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