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5 Great Father’s Day Gifts From Baby

Updated on June 18, 2009

A Father’s Day gift from a baby can be one of the most memorable gifts a father can receive. New dads will enjoy a variety of homemade gifts that remind him of the new person in his life! Here are some of the most popular choices:

1. Personalized T-shirt
Every new dad needs a T-shirt with a picture of his newborn baby on it! Mom can order one online, have one made at any number of photo processing centers, or make one herself with a digital camera, transfer paper, and a home color printer! Pictures of the baby with Dad are especially nice, and will give Dad a chance to brag about his child to his friends at every opportunity!

2. Decorated Picture Frame
Homemade picture frames can be an especially nice gift for Dad’s home or office. Using paper, glue, scissors, and any number of special pens or markers, Mom can decorate a plain frame with Baby’s name or other special decorations. Scrabble tiles work well for spelling out “Best Dad,” “I love Daddy,” or “Love, [Baby’s name].” This gift will give Dad the opportunity to cherish the baby pictures while he can!

3. A “Diaper Survival Kit”
This is definitely something Dad can use! Create a gift basket with basic supplies for changing Baby’s diapers, including diapers, ointment, powder, baby wipes and a toss away bag. Additionally, Dad may want some gloves, goggles, or air fresheners! These supplies will make things easier on Dad when Baby needs him! Place the supplies in a creative container for an extra nice touch.

4. Books to Read to Baby
Find baby books for Dad to read to Baby. Look especially for books with pictures of fathers and children. Bind the books with a ribbon and give them to Dad to read to Baby. You can even include books that are more advanced than Baby’s current age, so that Dad can read them as Baby grows older. This is a particularly personal gift that Dad and Baby can both enjoy for years to come!

5. Scrapbook
This is a Father’s Day gift that is popular from kids of any age, but is especially valuable for preserving all those baby pictures! Create a scrapbook that tells the story of Baby and Dad. Include special objects, and handwritten messages from Baby. Put Baby’s handprints inside with a space for Dad to add his.

Image Credit: wonderma, Flickr


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