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5 Simple Memorable Tips for Christmas

Updated on December 29, 2013


Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Buon Natale! Frohe Weihnacten! Mele Kalikimaka!

Creating memories and traditions that exist long past we are dead is important to the posterity of the human existence.

It is the memory of Christmas and what it meant that still impact me to this day, which means it also impacts my own family.

These are the top things that affect the happy memories of any holiday but even more so for the Christmas season.

  • Music
  • Food
  • Family
  • Crafts
  • Sights

Although shopping is also a big part of the experience, it is not necessary for the memories to be the happiest.

I remember looking forward to seeing all the different Christmas trees, and decorations in the neighborhood or down the street.

For me the Christmas and New Years season also meant we got to participate in Junkanoo. Junkanoo is like Mardi Gras or Carnival in other parts of the world.

We got to either make costumes or we would just go to Bay Street, down town Nassau and watch others rush and compete for prizes.

The atmosphere was always electric with excitement and rivalry, revelry, food and drink.

There was also the socializing that happened before or after with boiled fish and johnny cake breakfasts, friends and family, either excited or disappointed with the winners for best music, best costume, etc.

Adults played card games, while the kids played other games or just watched.

What kids look forward to

I know as a child it was my mother that made Christmas exciting and memorable no matter how much money she may have that particular year in her budget to give us the best experience of the year.

Friends and family was a great contribution, adding to the nostalgia of gift giving, partying, games and food.

That's when traditions are honed and established affecting the child's holidays forever after.

  • Stories
  • Games
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Staying up late
  • Seeing Santa
  • Opening gifts
  • Smelling their favorite treats
  • Snow
  • School closings
  • cartoons
  • movies

Fireplace mantle decor
Fireplace mantle decor | Source
Christmas tree
Christmas tree | Source
Christmas tree
Christmas tree | Source
Home made paper decorations
Home made paper decorations | Source
Christmas lite
Christmas lite | Source

What most reminds you of Christmans?

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Christmas background

Teaching why Christmas is an important event in history gives children reasons to want to participate and celebrate the occasion in the spirit for which it was created.

It also gives them the ammunition to fight the thoughts against what Christmas has become with what Christmas was intended.

  • a birthday celebration
  • for a Christian gathering
  • to celebrate a gift from a loving father
  • to show love towards others

Teaching what all the symbols we use to decorate is also another great way to engage a child and give them reasons why things were invented for the holiday celebration.

  • candy cane
  • star
  • nativity scene
  • magi
  • Christmas trees decorations
  • lights / candles
  • hanging stockings

Giving them an idea why certain foods are connected to Christmas feasts, is a great part of tradition.

  • plum pudding
  • fruit cake
  • sugar cookies
  • ham

Why the colors of red, white, gold, green and others were unique for reasons, meant to inspire and tell stories as well.

How special songs honoring Christmas are really worship songs, heralding why we can and should sing them all the time.

Citrus fruit
Citrus fruit | Source
Red Velvet cake
Red Velvet cake | Source
Quick bread pudding
Quick bread pudding | Source
Exotic delicacy, conch fritters
Exotic delicacy, conch fritters | Source
Pie, sweet potato or pumpkin
Pie, sweet potato or pumpkin | Source

Christmas season


  • from December 25 to January 6, 12 days of Christmas
  • December 25, is Christmas day
  • January 6 is Epiphany day
  • historically known as Christmastide, or Yuletide
  • synonymous with the Christian Advent season, 4th Sunday before Christmas to Christmas day


plays, pageants
red velvet cake
wrapping gifts
gift giving
ribbon, tinsel
fruit cake
lights, candles
rum cake
nativity scene
sweet potato pie
pumpkin pie


Different Christian denominations


Anglican finishes the Christmas season the day before the Epiphany day

Roman Catholic, Christmas season finishes on the Baptism of the Lord, the Sunday after January 6th, Epiphany day

Anglican and some Protestant churches have the Epiphany season which lasts up to the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.

Official season

Although we celebrate the Christmas season in the US between Thanksgiving and New Years that is not the official season.

Where Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday no matter the date, Christmas is the 25th of December whenever the day falls during the week of any given year.

Around the world Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways.

Feasts and Festivals

Special events surrounding Christmas, like parades, festivals and food makes it all the more riveting and memorable.

The official holidays in the US are Christmas day, and New Year's day but around the world Boxing day, the day after Christmas is included. Boxing day is usually observed in places once held by the British, a part of a commonwealth.

Growing up in the Bahamas we looked forward to and sometimes participated in our parade, known as Junkanoo, at Christmas, Boxing day and New Year's day. Thrilled to make costumes, dance and enjoy ourselves with abandon.

There are many other countries that have parades or carnival celebrating the Christmas season around the world.


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