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5 Unique Christmas Gifts for Husbands

Updated on November 7, 2009

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Husbands

Husbands rank high on the Christmas shopping list. But, they also can be one of the most difficult. Most likely, husbands do not ooh and aahh about styles or advertisements, like women do.

Listening to your husband's opinions and likes and dislikes is essential. If he talks about something he'd like to have, one day, listen up! Store this information away and make mental notes throughout the year. This will make the search for unique gifts for your husband easier.

Sure, slippers, shirts, or underwear are might be essentials, they are also the most boring gifts. Some will never be removed from their boxes, and others wind up in the giveaway bag, later in the year.

When shopping for your husband, target and focus on his personal taste, hobbies, and abilities. Not every husband is mechanically inclined, nor do all husbands enjoy hobbies. Think about this man in your life, exactly what types of activities does he enjoy or dabble with?


If your man is a baseball fanatic? How about owning a baseball signed by one of the great Hall of Famers? Baseballs signed by Reggie Jackson, Lou Brock, Eddie Murray, Sandy Coufax, and Nolan Ryan would be a show-stopping addition to any collection, offered by No matter how silly it might seem to you, if he likes it, that's all that matters.


Does your husband love the world of racing? Has he suggested he'd like to take a high-performance Nascar or Formula Indy car around the track? His wish can be granted. There are places that have opportunities to actually ride shotgun with a Nascar driver, or drive the car himself (with an instructor, of course). The Dale Jarret Racing School is just one website that describes experiences, prices and gift ideas.

Moon Property

Does he like owning property? How about an acre on on the moon? For an everyday person, owning a piece of the moon could be the perfect present. Many Fortune 500 corporations, like Marriott, have been acquiring moon property for future investments. The is the only company, and the first in the world, to possess legal basis and copyright for the sale of lunar land, as well as extraterrestrial properties within our solar system.


Before you shun this idea, a personal, tailor-made calendar can be a memorable gift. There are companies that create calendars from your photos. Designing a calendar around special events in your husband's life is more than unique; it's thoughtful and personable. Every time your husband looks at his calendar, it will take him down memory lane.

Jumbo Jets

Does your husband like aircraft? Is/Was he a pilot, or would he like to fly a jumbo jet? How about putting him at the controls of the Air Force One jumbo jet? This remote controlled jet has high-performance engines that propel the 26” long and 28” wing-spanned aircraft through the sky. No man is too old for toys!

The key to unique gifts is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn't matter that it isn't something you would consider perfect; it's all about your husband. A gift chosen with his personal likes, tastes and dreams in mind, is the kind of thing he'll remember for a lifetime.


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      sandwichmom 8 years ago from Arkansas

      Great ideas