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5 Unusual Ideas for Christmas

Updated on December 2, 2015

Christmas preparations are always exciting and require a special imagination, for every year you want to add something new to your decorations in order to surprise your family and friends. And while very traditional ornaments will never be boring for your winter time, some unique ideas will add to your Christmas fun and excitement.

1. Buy a colorful Christmas tree


Yes, a green Christmas tree is cozy and a classic of the Christmas aesthetic, and it gives you the magical feeling of warmth, bringing the true Christmas spirit to your house. But if you want to be unique and add to the magic you can buy an artificial Christmas tree, which come in many colors and even different shapes! Imagine your house decorated with pink, gold, or even purple Christmas trees, or having an orange one near the fireplace, which color will definitely cheer you up and make your holidays interesting, or even funny! Give it a try if you want to be special or are just looking for something new to add to your style this year.

2. Listen to Christmas songs in other languages


Did you know that the most of the classical Christmas songs are translated into many other languages? Well if you didn’t then you should know they are. For example, there are versions of “Rudolf the Red Nose Deer” in French, Greek and even in Japanese, and these three are not the only other ones you can hear it sung in at all! The famous carol of “Silent Night” has been translated and sung in more than 140 languages, and the very well-known “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” even has a Chinese version. Aside from that, there are a lot of local Christmas songs and carols for every country, and if you want add some international Christmas spirit to your celebrations, or just have some fun during your holidays, looking for the worldwide known Christmas songs in other languages will definitely be great for you and your family.

3. Decorate your Christmas sweets with edible glitter


Christmas is most often associated with colorful lights, glittering snowflakes and anything bright and shiny in the winter atmosphere. At this point you may be excited with the idea to make your traditional Christmas sweets even more magical-looking by decorating them with glittering sugar or edible powdered glitter. You should be careful with purchasing glitter that is really edible and made for decorating foods, as sometimes companies on the internet lie, but there are also several recipes describing how to make some yourself. However when you find (or make) one and add it to candied apples, or cover your Christmas cookies with it, the impression will be truly wonderful and Christmas-worthy.

4. Fill up Christmas balls with sweets


You can easily find safe, transparent plastic Christmas balls these days. Putting little candies and Christmas sweets inside of these would be a wonderful, original, and definitely cute idea for the holidays. Aside from that, you can fill them up with anything else, creating very unique and beautiful Christmas ornaments, if Christmas preparations and self-made decorations are something you enjoy. If you have children it can become a very fun thing to do together with them. And if you live with someone you love you can put a little love notes for Christmas inside of them. Whichever idea you prefer it will add to your holiday spirit and create a special atmosphere to enjoy while it snows outside of your window. Aside from those things you can paint over the balls what is a very nice thing to do if you are artistic. No matter what you do it will be something unique and specially yours.

5. Make an unusual Christmas wreath


Christmas wreaths are fun to make, especially if they are something unique. You can make a really puffy one from homemade paper snowflakes, or even from sweets to untie and eat it later. The Christmas wreaths will turn out wonderful if you put decorative feathers on them, for if they are white it will give an impression of being made from puffy snow. Sprinkling a little glitter on them can add to the beauty of the image. You can also make cozy-looking wreaths from coffee beans or cinnamon sticks, but it requires a lot of time and patience. The wreaths made from Christmas balls will be a beautiful decoration and very fitting to the holiday picture, so it is up to you which original material you want to use for your unique Christmas wreath.


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    • Linnea Lewis profile image

      Linnea Lewis 2 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      rebeccamealey, glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reading! I bet it will look beautiful whatever you put it on.

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 2 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      I like these ideas. I haven't seen edible glitter. I'm going to look for that. Thanks!