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5 Ways to Say "Happy Mother's Day"

Updated on December 26, 2015

1.  Send a Mother's Day Card

Go to the Hallmark Card store in the mall or Dollar Store (budget friendly) and choose a special "Mother's Day" card that gives the message as though it were your words.  There are many styles and greetings.  Choose one that's heartfelt and has your personality.  The thought in card choice will be appreciated. 

Don't forget to write the year at bottom of your card.  It helps mom keep track when she brings out the shoebox filled with cards ten years later. 

Better yet, you can make a handmade Mother's Day card with love.  Get ideas from handmade Valentine's Day card. 

2.  Send a Mother's Day E-Card

Does your mom have e-mail?  Then you can be environmentally friendly and budget friendly by sending a Mother's Day E-card.  Many are free and you can take the same time and effort to choose as you would choose a regular card. 

Hallmark E-cards - They have free ones with Smilebox where you can personalize your greeting by adding your own photos of you & mom.

Blue Mountain E-cards - This has the option to send to email or Facebook.  Get your free trial for 14 days.

3. Make a Mother's Day Video Greeting

Here's a chance to take photos and memories and make them interact through a video greeting.  It's a unique way to remember the special times with mom. Animoto is an easy way to create your greeting with photos, text, and music.  Account is free for 30 second videos which is all you need for your Mother's Day Video Greeting.

4.  Make a Mother's Day Phone Call

Say "Happy Mother's Day" with a simple phone call.  You'll be able to show that you care with your own words and greeting with your voice.  This is personalized and you also get a chance to catch up by telling your mom how special she is.  Talking on the phone is a great way to bond and almost be there at home with her.

5.  Mother's Day Visit

Surprise your mom with a Mother's Day visit to say "Happy Mother's Day" in person!  If you don't live in the same city, you may need to confer with dad to organize so your mom is truly surprised.  It's a great way to celebrate by being together on that special day.  Don't need anything else.  Your presence is your gift.


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