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5 Trendy Office Party Gifts for Your Sales Team

Updated on January 29, 2016

Memorable Office Party Gifts

A gift is never a gift until given some meaning, a theme and a face. When your company makes profits, it is always good to give back to the force behind it, the sales team! Simple gifts mean a lot and here is a suggestion of 5 trendy office party gifts for your sales team. Not that the team cannot afford them but when you choose gifts for them, they treasure and value them. A hand that gives is a hand that receives and office gifts do not only enhance interpersonal relationships,but they also create trust and increase productivity.

Sales team investment does not end after you hire your team, motivation is a continuous process and with small office gifts, you end up achieving some of your team objectives. What you might think is invaluable in the office can come in handy in the field. Office party gifts are not necessarily performance based but a token of appreciation.

Team leaders are sometimes with the duty of making decisions on what best suit those who report to them. There are various aspects to consider when selecting a befitting gift and this can be from individual behavioral attributes, past performance or an ambition goal-set aspired by the team member. The size does not necessarily matter, as the gift can be part of improving on an individual's performance and target meeting.

Sample some of these affordable company party gifts which are more than what meets the eye. Trendy office party gifts for your sales team should not be expensive as many executives think.

Laptop bags

Laptop gift bags are usually ideal for the field sale person and the best that you can get is the shoulder laptop bag which is easy and convenient to carry around. It is also easy to personalize gift laptop bags with company logo and staff photo. A designer laptop bag will be more motivating than a normal bag and shows the value you put on the gift recipient.

A neat sales team member exudes confidence and a good looking authentic laptop bag does the trick. It is not easy to be out there in the field on a daily basis and expect your laptop to be dust free. Give your sells tell the right tools and sit back and let them delver. The reputation of your company lies squarely on the sales team and they are what the consumer comes into contact with and first impression last for return business.

Search for the best watch for your sales team members


Time management tools begin with a simple gift watch; a time conscious sales person knows the importance measuring productivity in the field. Cultivate a sense of time consciousness by selecting a watch gift that tells the seriousness of your business.

There are many watch brands out there competing for your wallet contents and with the correct budgeting and focus, you can save enough to buy some presentable watch gift and do not forget a durable piece of watch gift is value for money and admiration to many. You can choose from the available digital or analogue watches; the choice is all yours. the sales team measure is to follow the set itinerary in a timely manner.

Calculator gifts

For the sales team, calculators come in handy when introducing new products to customers; it is easy to calculate profits margins, track daily sales and enables you to track sales against targets. Calculator gifts are are ideal and you cannot not miss ideal ones whether they are for the counter or the field, they are good gifts during office party gift session.

With experience and pricing knowledge, sales team members tend to assume they have internalized the price list you have provided them but a simple miscalculation can lead to huge loses for your company. Keep your sales team focused on the company goal which is profit and when they become passionate about sales, growth becomes the norm.


Allow your sales team staff share their experiences and successes with photos. let them snap away a new product listing at the shelf, a nice arranged display unit ...the list is endless, thanks to a camera gift.

How else can you know that your products are well placed? A camera well utilized will give you the true picture of the situation on the ground and it becomes easier for you to sit down the sales team and discuss areas of improvement. What's more; the camera gift will be well taken care of just like any other salesman's personal effect.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are ideal office party gifts as they do not restrict staff members to gifts of your choice, staff can redeem their vouchers for the gifts they love to keep or pass to their loved ones.

Many people in the human resource department call these gift vouchers but people in the field call them 'thank you notes'. They give the freedom of choosing what items they want to purchase either for themselves or for their loved ones and family. Office sales team gifts are in most cased than not, based on this popular item; the gift voucher. Most trendy office party gifts for your sales team are found online thus you do not need to leave the office to go shopping.


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