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50 Dragon Gifts Under $50: Amazing Finds for Everyone in the Year of Dragon 2012

Updated on August 29, 2012

Every year, people from all around the world are puzzled with the question: "What present to give friends and family to the New Year, 2012, The Year of Water Dragon?". People's tastes and wishes are different, and so are the financial possibilities. However, the tradition of giving gifts dates back long time ago and to break it is not appropriate, so the best thing is to choose original, memorable and inexpensive gifts that will suit everyone in their own way.

In this article we have compiled a list with more than 50 amazing findings under $50 that symbolize Dragon. We hope this nice gift ideas will suit many different tastes and will be great addition to your house.

If you decided to buy Dragon gifts for the New Year 2012, it is better to write a list of people you want to greet and divide them into categories such as family, friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, employees, and so on. For each category determine a financial limit. This is somehow a mercantile distribution but it will help you not to offend or do not forget anyone.

Chinese Prosperity Pearl in Claw  Lucky Dragon Statue
Chinese Prosperity Pearl in Claw Lucky Dragon Statue

As we have mentioned already 2012 is the Year of Dragon, so you have a great opportunity to surprise your friends and colleagues all year around giving them gifts that represent Dragon. It can be wonderful to present a gift that will symbolize the new 2012 year - the year of the Black (or Blue) Water Dragon. Gift should be chosen very carefully, it have to be pleasant and useful. After all, you should please not only people who receive the gift, but also the symbol of the coming year - the dragon.

The Year of the Black (or Blue) Water Dragon begins, according to the ancient Chinese calendar, on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013.

The years of Water Dragon: 1892, 1952, 2012.

From the ancient times, the Dragon was considered the personification of high status and good health; people born in the year of Dragon are considered to have luck and happiness all their life. Therefore, many Chinese are planning a baby in the year of Dragon.

The Year of the Dragon certainly promises big changes, dynamism, assertiveness, confidence, extraordinary good fortune. Element of Dragon - water, symbolizing life, quietness, flexibility and variability. At the same time, water symbolizes the mind, strength, power, spirituality and sensitivity. Colors corresponding to the year the Dragon are gold, blue, dark blue and black.

Dragon Gifts for Employees, Clients and Colleagues

Gifts to colleagues try to choose to be similar but not identical, something that will show your appreciation or simply will be remembered. For employees always remain relevant stationery, Dragon decorations (they are perfect for any category), souvenirs in the form of figurines, paintings, pen holder, key chains, etc. A great gift for your employees or clients can be this semi-circled Crystal with Dragon image on it.

The amazing Pen Holder Air Purifier, with a Dragon image on it purifies the air and reduces pollution in the office, having very good absorption ability.

Dragon the represents power, success in business and happiness, so it is appropriate to give gifts that will have the image of this fabulous creature. This can be a painting or a mural, a toy or figurine.

Dragon Beautiful Rattan Scroll Picture is outstanding wall art, making it rather stunning and a great conversation piece, being a simple way to add genuine oriental magic to your home or office.

Dragon will bring good luck to anybody who will find place for it; no matter it is the office of a serious company or just a child room. It carries the energy of success in business and victory, inspired by the great aspirations and achievements.

If you don’t want to give a gift with a image of dragon, you can compromise and give the another gift that symbolizes power.

The ideal gift for Success, Luck, Power and Balance in your life and business - the Dragon with a Pearl. This stone is especially loved by water dragon; signifies the union of aquatic and terrestrial elements. It should to be placed anywhere facing outside.

A great gift idea is to celebrate the Chinese New Year with this extraordinary Gold Zodiac Coin that represents Dragon. This item is a limited edition and layered in 24k gold. This particular coin was made to honor the year of the Dragon. It brings Luck, Prosperity and Wealth for the owner.

Gold Plated Lucky Coin is very popular with all ages, both men and women. Just keeping it in the pocket or purse and "Good Luck" will be your great companion 24/7! If your work colleague is a poker player then do not hesitate to give him this perfect gift because it's a great poker card guard.

Chinese Dragon Pewter Unique Gift Pen Black with Dragon Engraving will become an invaluable and memorable souvenir or a very good gesture of attention. It can presented as a gift to a business partner or just to good friend.

Another nice and very attractive gift that will look great on a desk is Gold Dragon, Happy New Year in Chinese, and 2012 Tile Pen Holder. It is made from the best quality solid mahogany wood with satin finish and one 4.25 commercial grade mirror gloss ceramic tile.

Dragon figurines with Swarovski crystals. All over the world for more than a hundred years Swarovski crystals have a special place in the catalogs and interior decorations. Swarovski crystal figures can adequately compete with the best jewelry.

Particularly popular gifts Swarovski made ​​in the form of animals, flower arrangements, zodiac signs, symbols of various countries. Hundreds of thousands of collectors worldwide buy Swarovski figurines for their collections, to give to their friends, or exchange with those who share their passion.

Dragon figurines with Swarovski crystals it is an original and truly universal gift. They bring success for women and men, people of all ages and social status. And it is not surprising - the sparkling radiance of crystals, which varies with each movement of sunlight, fills the surrounding space living with light energy.

Clock and time is the creation of the divine mind and human genius. Time - the embodiment of eternity. Clock - ticking this eternity, dividing it for each of us in the past and present. A man came up with not only ingenious mechanisms hours, but also made it a magnificent interior decoration. Desk clock - one of the most respectable of gifts, perfect for men and women. Montefiori Collection Vintage Design Dragon Figurine and Desk Clock with Roman is one of the best gifts for the year of Dragon.

Another amazing gift idea is Fierce Dragon Bookends. This product is well crafted and weighted heavily enough to keep books aligned and upright as they should be.

Gift box represents somehow a mystery for the receiver. It is awesome to use a bright and colorful box. Even if you give a small and simple gift that will be packed in a wonderful gift box the receiver will be pleased with it and it will raise his spirits. This Red Dragon Leather Gift Box is a eye-catching hand-painted golden dragons on crimson leather. It adds unique quality and style to the box and will be highly appreciated giving it to your clients.

A great gift idea for the employees or colleagues can be tea or coffee cups with Dragon image on them. Men and women, old and young - all will be happy to drink a delicious cup of tea from a beautiful cup got as a gift!
The managers should be aware that a good tea and coffee offered for the staff is a profitable investment in the company's development and improvement of team relations means the prosperity for the company. A cup oftea in the friendly team can bring often very creative ideas and thoughts concerning company beautiful future. Let us agree, coffee and tea cups can be a great gift for employees.

Dragon Gifts for Friends and Family

When buying a gift you should be careful and not buy a dinosaur instead of a dragon.Long time ago in the homeland of the Eastern calendar, according to the legends, people brought gold and precious stones to the shores of lakes, where the dragons lived. Thus they made a sacrifice to bring kindness in the heart of the fabulous creature in order to attract the luck and success. Since then has become a tradition to give people gold jewelry on significant dates of Year of Dragon, preferably with precious stones. In this way, you'll make the dragon notice you and your house, make it look at you favorably and may help to fight against competitors and troubles.

By choosing a gift you should treat it with love and understanding. Consider gender, age and taste of the person who you wish to give the gift and you will easily make a choice. Even the most inexpensive gift can bring joy if you choose it correctly. But buying an expensive gift in a hurry will be a useless souvenir for a long time gathering dust on a shelf, reminding of your indifference and careless approach in choosing a New Year gift.

Dragon Keychains help to promote career growth, financial success, protect people from dishonest partners, competitors and even from evil people. Amazing gift for both men and women.

As was mentioned, Dragons have always been the symbols of Wisdom, Immortality and Rebirth. Proud, polymath, intelligent, strong-willed and generous - this is not a complete list of its qualities. It has indomitable character, but is able to perfectly obey the supreme goal. It never makes a meaningless action.

Dragon will be a defender of the house from evil spirits, will look into the future and use its energy to protect it.

Dragons in the house are very often used for material prosperity. Here are some rules of the dragon symbol for attracting wealth. It is favorably to have a statue of Dragon in any part of the house (or even in the car). This has a very beneficial effect on the welfare of the whole family.

It is recommended to keep the house no more than five Dragons.It is believed that if you live in the house with an adult or child with not very good health it is good to put a statue of the Dragon near and it will feed the ill person with its strong, healthy energy. Also a very important thing: never place a dragon above eye level, so it did not come out from under your control.

Chinese coins are round coins with square hole in the center and the characters. Many successful businessmen do not hide the fact that they use Chinese coin for good luck increase in the money by placing them under the rug in front of door.

Feng Shui Dragon Turtle with the head of dragon and the body of turtle. Turtle symbolizes longevity and the dragon symbolizes career success and courage. It is sitting on a base of ingot and coins to represent prosperity and wealth. You can place it almost everywhere you like in the house (with the exception of bathroom).

Air Purifier Year of Dragon will bring a new fresh and clean atmosphere in your car. It is also helps to purify the air and reduse pollution. A great gift for all who spend a lot of time in the car.

Golden Dragon Chinese Incense Set with Silk Gift Box - finely crafted premium quality stick temple incense wrapped in traditional mulberry paper, includes porcelain incense holder, set ships in lovely dragon embroidered silk gift box. It is extraordinary unique attractive gift.

Dragon incense burner is a very well made and finely detailed product. This stunning sculpture in form of a fierce dragon that winds its scaly coils around a burnished-bronze box that hides a treasure within. You will especially like the fact that it will burn either sticks or cones. It is a great present!

A cup of tea drunk in bed or during a leisurely chat is a pleasure and takes us on a cloud of happiness. Elegant tea china setswill never go out of fashion and will always be topical gifts for men and women. Tea set made of porcelain - a gift for the gourmet and the aesthetes, a gift for lovers of aroma and taste of tea.

CHINESE DRAGON Plate is new and handcrafted utilizing a unique process resulting in a stunning high gloss finish. The unique technology of firing at high temperatures produces high quality porcelain. White porcelain plate measures 8.25 inches in diameter, trimed with two 24 kart gold rims and comes with a stand. The elegance of execution and the original shape make a beautiful high-quality product and great gift for a woman.

The StickerBrand Vinyl Wall Decals that represents Dragon are great for decorating interior walls and are particularly important if you plan to buy it as a gift for your home or for your friends.

These gifts are the newest interior design trend and are particularly valuable; they leave a good memory about your amazing gift for years to come. Buying it you are creating the basis of a favorable psychological climate and comfort, as well as the unity of style in the interior. Each StickerBrand Vinyl Wall is filled with its unique harmony and positive energy of color and texture.

The best photos are placed in the leather photo albums but a frame - a place to store the best photos, the people to our hearts. At the same time frames for photos are used as decor. Choosing a frame with a Dragon image in the 2012 year will harmonize the interior of your house. It contains some important information about Year of the Dragon Personal Characteristics & Birth Years: 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 2024. Never guarded, the Dragon is not afraid when face a challenge. They will defend and protect any cause close to their heart. Dragon is mostly compatible with the Rat, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey and Boar.

It is known that people spend in bed, about a third of their life. During sleep, the nervous system decreases its activity, the body charge with the needed positive energy.

Beautiful and high quality bed linen and pillows with Dragon images on them are a very good gift for a woman, regardless of age. For a comfortable sleep is important to choose the right bed linen. Cotton fiber is very durable, easy to use, heat resistant. Viscose (rayon) -man-made fiber produced from cellulose, a high degree of absorption and softness.

Pay a special attention to the soft blankets, it is great gift. Blankets made ​​of cotton, wool, bamboo, Cashmere and angora, they are soft and gentle, and at the same time resistible and practical.

Wide range of pastel tones of noble and a wide range of knitted patterns will be good gifts for men, women and children. Give a blanket, Dragon Blanket Queen - to present a warm and cozy gift for home, family, loved ones.

Leather wallet is an accessory that creates the image of a man; this is probably why the choice of these important and necessary items should be taken into consideration. Color, size, texture, the quality of leather, absolutely everything has meaning.

Dragon Fantasy Art Men's Leather Wallet is handcrafted in genuine black leather and features a striking embossed image of a fighting a fire-forging dragon. It was made with stitching and richly appointed for a long-lasting quality.

When choosing a gift for a woman, then of course pick up something special. There is no point in spending money, buying the first available thing, do not run off their feet in search of a gift, when there is such an abundance of gifts and souvenirs on Amazon. A good leather purse, cosmetic bag are always necessary and useful things for a woman, never enough and always needed. Real Leather Wristlet Purse, Unique Dragon Design, Best Holiday Present will make an impression for sure.

Gold Dragon, Happy New Year in Chinese, 2012 Key Chain makes a great gift and an attractive decoration for any household, in addition helps the owner to keep the keys organized and simple to find. Dragon image is printed on both sides of the key chain; it is an original and bringing luck gift. Don’t forget about the power of the dragon image in 2012, so keep it in your pocket or bag always.

Fans are not only a beautiful interior decor, but also a powerful tool in Feng Shui to help to cope with the influence of negative energy, sharp objects and other design features of your home. Fans perfectly dissipate negative energy and transforming it into a positive.

Dragon Jewelry. Eastern culture has always been interested in the delicate symbolism of the design, beauty of line and a special magic, hidden in the mysterious ornaments.

Dragon, the symbol of imperial power, in fact, serves as the central decorative piece of jewelry.

These stylish earrings, rings and necklaces presented here use the image of a dragon - a symbol of wealth, longevity, wisdom and spiritual harmony.

Dragon Gifts in the year of Dragon 2012

What gift would you love to get in the year of Dragon 2012?

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