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How to Choose A Sexy Halloween Costume

Updated on January 7, 2015
What is your definition of sexy?
What is your definition of sexy? | Source

Find Your Own Definition of Sexy

Shopping for a sexy Halloween costume is often exciting for women who celebrate the holiday. After all, Halloween is the day you can wear generally anything without being judged for your character. Many women put a lot of thought into their Halloween costumes to ensure they receive the reaction they desire. There are many factors involved in choosing a sexy costume, all of which are different for different women. Whether you are focused on finding the most provocative costume that displays all your curves, or rather something more mysterious, make that decision based on what you feel sexy wearing, instead of what you believe other people will find sexy. You may not enjoy your evening if you don't feel completely comfortable in a costume. Although different people have different definitions of what is sexy, most people agree that confidence is the sexiest attribute. So, choose a Halloween costume that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

Make sure you can afford it.
Make sure you can afford it. | Source

Consider Your Budget

Knowing your budget before shopping for a Halloween costume is generally a good idea. Fortunately, many sexy Halloween costumes cost under $50, and you can find many around $25. Costume accessories like wigs, makeup, shoes, and other accessories are added costs, so remember to figure them into your budget. Many online stores offer free shipping, which can save you some money. If you're on a really tight budget, don't be afraid to revamp an old costume by just adding new accessories.

Have your costume tailored for a perfect fit!
Have your costume tailored for a perfect fit! | Source

Decide What Looks Good On You

Another factor to consider is which types of costumes complement your body type. Of course, not everyone can wear the same types of clothing, and that okay because variety is a positive thing. You have to be realistic about what flatters your shape, and what does not. Don't try to force yourself into a costume that is too small, or hide in a costume that is too large and baggy. Instead, choose a costume that flatters and hugs your curves in the right places. Sometimes just properly-fitting undergarments can make a drastic difference in how a costume fits. Choose a color of costume that enhances your skin tone, as well. Take a friend or family member shopping with you if you are unable to decipher which kinds of costumes complement your body.

Check the Weather Forecast

Fall nights, especially Halloween, can be chilly and sometimes outright cold. If you're going to be outdoors and you don't want to wear a jacket or coat over your costume all night, then consider how warm your costume is. There are sexy costumes with long sleeves, and tights can be worn under short skirts. Ask the host of the party ahead of time if any outdoor activities, like a bonfire, for example, are on the agenda. It is usually a good idea to take warm clothing along just in case you find yourself in an outdoor situation.

Halloween can be very chilly!
Halloween can be very chilly! | Source

Sexy Halloween Costumes

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Don't Take It Too Seriously

If you find a sexy costume you really like and feel comfortable wearing, then don't worry if you wore that exact costume or a similar costume a few years ago. Also, who cares if a friend, co-worker or family member wore a similar costume last year? There's a good chance nobody will even remember what you wore a couple years ago or even last year. What matters is that you feel sexy in the costume. Avoid competing with others over who has the sexiest costume because that can lead to jealousy and petty problems. Halloween parties are meant to be fun, so just go with the flow.

Using Fashion Trends to Choose Sexy Halloween Costumes


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