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6 Stylish Halloween Pumpkins

Updated on August 16, 2021
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Linda is a seasoned writer and bedroom authority. She loves sharing design trends, decor ideas, and useful tips with her readers.


If you love Halloween decor and want to add a bit of glam to the proceedings then listen up. No trick—these are the most stylish pumpkin ideas out there. You can use the real deal or those of the polyresin variety. It’s totally up to you. Not only will these elegant pumpkins be the hit of your sophisticated Halloween soiree they will also serve as a bewitching treat to delight throughout the fall season.

1. Metallic Masterpieces

Drawn to the shimmer of metallics? This one is for you. Create a collection of copper, bronze, gold and silver pumpkins for a chic Halloween display. These glamorous gourds will add just the right amount of glitz for a fancy fall fête.

When using metallic paints on polyresin pumpkins start with a primer to ensure the paint grabs the surface and won’t flake off. Mask the stems with painter's tape and start painting. Metallic spray paint will produce the best results by giving your pumpkins a smooth, streak-free appearance. Remember to spray on several light coats to avoid runs.

Here’s another paint technique to create a marbleized appearance. Drip painting involves these simple steps. Use acrylic glossy black, gold, silver and pearl. Pour the first color around the stem then tip and rotate the pumpkin. Tap it to help the paint drip down the sides. Repeat with the remaining colors. Apply the next color while the previous layer it is still wet.

Metallic pumpkins will make for a glamorous Halloween gala.
Metallic pumpkins will make for a glamorous Halloween gala. | Source

2. Crystalline Creations

Give your pumpkins a magical dusting of crystal decadence. Use fine German glass glitter to add extra dimension, a brilliant sparkle and an elegant air. Cover the surface with craft paper to catch excess glitter. Brush the pumpkin with a thin coat of your favorite craft adhesive. Hold it by the stem and sprinkle generously to cover it completely.

Let it dry and lightly brush off loose glitter. If you don't want to use glass glitter and need a kid-friendly alternative substitute sanding sugar to create a sweet sparkle. Display the sparkly pumpkins near candles to capture, reflect and bounce the flickering light.

Rich glass glitter gives this table grouping an upscale appeal.
Rich glass glitter gives this table grouping an upscale appeal. | Source

3. Bejeweled Beauties

You should know for a fact that goblins love bling. Light up the night of wayward spirits with pumpkins adorned with sparkling jewels. Pick up adhesive-backed rhinestones from the craft store to eliminate the use of glue and make short work of this project.

Mix large and small gems to create a flashy display or choose tiny stones set in intricate patterns to simulate a spider’s web or witchy lace. Use wax-free transfer paper and a stylus to transfer your creative designs directly onto the pumpkin.

These chic pumpkins catch and reflect the flickers from eerie candlelight.
These chic pumpkins catch and reflect the flickers from eerie candlelight. | Source

4. Designer Delights

If DIY projects aren’t your forte, a number of retailers are happy to do the work for you. A bounty of precocious pumpkins ranges from small to large featuring a variety of distinctively trendy designs. Choose from chevron, herringbone, striped, polka dot or harlequin.

They’re perfect for grouping as a centerpiece displayed on pedestals. Use these powder coated pumpkins indoors and out. Your Halloween decorating possibilities are endless.

If you're not a crafty crafter, purchase a few designer pumpkins for a grand table display.
If you're not a crafty crafter, purchase a few designer pumpkins for a grand table display. | Source

5. Glittery Gourds

There’s nothing like spooky white pumpkins decked out in glittery stripes and polka dots. Use mini-pumpkins to create glamorously ghoulish place card holders. Carefully split the stem with a sharp utility knife to insert the cards.

All you need is a package of chunky silver glitter, craft glue, a round foam pouncer, artist’s brushes and spray-on sealer. Create polka dots by dipping the pouncer in glue and lightly dabbing it on the pumpkin then sprinkling with glitter. Paint glue on every other pumpkin section and sprinkle with glitter to create stripes. When the glue is dry, brush off excess glitter and apply the sealer.

Simple craft glitter transforms little pumpkins into stylish place card holders.
Simple craft glitter transforms little pumpkins into stylish place card holders. | Source

6. Lovely Lettering

Personalize your pumpkin with a bold monogram. Block-style family initials drawn in black will look striking on a large pumpkin. If you prefer, dress it up with delicate vine accents in contrast with the graphic letters.

Pumpkins embellished with cursive lettering is a great idea to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Use short words or phrases like “Trick or Treat”, “Spooky”, “Ghostly”, “ Boo!” or “Howling”. These are fun statement pumpkins for your upcoming ghoulish gathering.

Create the lettering on tracing paper with chalk and transfer it onto the pumpkin with a pencil. Follow the lines and fill in with an oil-based paint pen. Wait a few minutes for it to dry. Use a paper towel to brush away excess chalk from the surface.

These lettered pumpkins create a whimsical holiday collection.
These lettered pumpkins create a whimsical holiday collection. | Source

© 2018 Linda Chechar


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