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6 Ways To Say "I Love You"

Updated on February 17, 2017

How To Get Your Message Across:

There are several ways to write a personal message to your loved one. It can either be to show your appreciation, to propose, or just simply to express your love. None of them are as extravagant as landscaping the land to confess or flying a sign around in the sky by airplane, but they still can get the message across. A few of these you can buy or just custom-make yourself if you're feeling a bit creative. When giving a gift it's important to make your gift personal and well thought out.


1. Write a Message With Wedding Sparklers

Some people use regular sparklers. The difference is that wedding sparklers are supposed to be smoke free, last longer and be brighter. The downside is that they are somewhat pricier than regular sparklers so unless you are going to use wedding sparklers during an actual wedding such as when you go down the aisle or for your wedding pictures I wouldn't advise doing so. An alternative to buying sparklers if you don't want to spend the money is to just get the effect on Photoshop.

Here's a video from Youtuber "Do It on a Dime" about which setting to put your camera on if you want to take pictures with sparklers:

Zhao Xiao Qi played by actress Yi Niki takes a picture with a "Magic Mug" in Chinese Drama called "A Different Kind of Pretty Man".
Zhao Xiao Qi played by actress Yi Niki takes a picture with a "Magic Mug" in Chinese Drama called "A Different Kind of Pretty Man". | Source

2. Display a Message on Heat Sensitive Mugs

You can either buy it or make it yourself using Thermochromatic pigment as the main ingredient to make the cup heat sensitive. There are many videos on how to make it and several different ways that people do it. If you want a photo on your mug, you may have to opt on getting it customized by a company online instead of making it yourself. But if it's a simple design or writing then you can do it yourself.

Here is a video example of how to make a Magic Mug from Youtuber "DIYlover":

3. Leave a Message by Custom-making Your Own Snow Globe


You can either choose from what the stores may have and just write a message on the outside or you can customize the inside of the globe with for example a photo.

Actor and Singer Kim Bum plays character Yi Jung 5 years later in Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers Special Edition
Actor and Singer Kim Bum plays character Yi Jung 5 years later in Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers Special Edition | Source

4. Make a Bouquet

You can either make a bouquet with handwritten messages on a card or take polaroid photos and put them on a cardholder then place them in a bouquet.

You can choose what you will make your bouquet out of. There are various objects you can use depending on what type of person you are handing your bouquet to. You can make your bouquet more for a traditional romantic or you can make things fun and make it a little bit quirky. You can make your bouquet out of objects such as small plush dolls, lollipops, origami, fruit, etc.

5. Write a Message On or With Food

You can write your message with food or flowers or on food. As usual, most of us know about candy hearts and m&ms, but don't limit yourself get creative try various foods particularly junk food and candy. Or take the classic chocolates and candy hearts idea and put a unique spin to it.

For example, buy some candy bars at your local store and then rewrap it with photos of your memories or put why you love that person on the wrapper. You just need candy bars, a printer, pictures saved on your computer or usb, regular printer paper, and foil.

If it's a full length Hershey bar for example then you would measure out a 5.5 square inch paper. Print out the photo that you want on a regular printer using regular printer paper. If you want words on the wrapper, you can design your own design with a photo editor. You can cut your own foil yourself. Usually, if it's a full length candy bar then you would measure out a 5.5 square inch paper. But you can also get precut paper at a dollar store. Although, iwould highly recommend making it yourself. If you don't want to create it you can always order these online.

If you want to continue with making this yourself here is a video from Youtuber "Candy Bar Wrappers" on how to wrap the candy, it's pretty easy:

DIY wrapping personalized chocolate bars by "Candy Bar Wrappers"

6. Scavenger Hunt

You can have a Valentine's Day "scavenger hunt" and leave messages on sticky notes, cute little candy hearts with messages, or photos along the way that gives clues or whatever along the way. You can make it as easy or difficult as you want. Although...If I were you, I'd make it fairly easy. And...It can be in the comforts of your own home.

Hopefully, you got some ideas about what to do as a gift to your loved ones. It may be early to say this, but Happy Valentine's Day!


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