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80's Themed Gifts

Updated on December 22, 2011

Who didn't like the 80's? Some of the best movies were made in that decade! Here are some 80's themed gifts that will satisfy the retro-fan in your life.

  • Rubik's Cube - If you never solved it thirty years ago, here's your second chance. People of all ages will enjoy trying to get the same color of blocks on each size of this frustrating puzzle. There are multiple variations of it, too! Keyring-sized, entertainment themed (My kid can expect a Transformers-themed one from Santa this year!) and special game ones that light up.
  • Cassette tape flash drive - Remember when John Cusack held up the boom box outside his girlfriend's bedroom window in Say Anything? How romantic was that. I mean, really. If someone did that outside my bedroom window, I'd be lost for words. (And for me, that is saying a LOT.) Sadly, boom boxes and cassette tapes are pretty much a thing of the past. But that's okay! You can get the 80's fan the next best thing with this cassette tape flash drive.
  • Floppy disk sticky notes - Fortunately we've moved on from the age of the floppy disk, but retro fans on your gift list can enjoy these 3.5" sticky notes! They even look like the real deal. As the website describes: "If it can't fit on a Floppy Disk Note, it's not worth remembering!" And it comes in a pack of three!
  • Retro candy box - When all else fails, take them back to the 80's with a retro candy box! It's got all the best of Willie Wonka, including Nerds and Pixy Stix, Ring Pops, and Pop Rocks (but no Coca-Cola -- sorry Mikey fans!) A ginormous box is at Amazon for less than $30. Aside from one candy bar, it looks like the bulk of the bounty is chocolate free, perfect for people like me who are allergic to cocoa. (HInt, hint.)

Just think back to your favorite 80's movies. Or if you grew up in the 80's, what did you enjoy during that time? A little imagination goes a long way when fulfilling a wish for the 80's fan on your Christmas list. Happy shopping, and thanks for reading!


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