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A Christmas Eve tradition

Updated on July 25, 2013

As new families are created ... traditions are adopted ... and created. Holiday traditions in particular, are often learned in childhood and passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes, new traditions are created and with any luck, they are meaningful enough to stand the test of time.

Growing up, there were few traditions in my family. Perhaps that was because we were never really a close knit group. I do not have memories of extended family gatherings ... or of particular 'family' traditions.

In fact, there are no Christmas traditions from my childhood to share. However, once I had children, a new tradition was born. From the time that my children were very young (and they are now 20, 22 and 26) ... we established a Christmas eve tradition that will continue as long as they live at home ... and when they have children of their own, I will help to ensure that this tradition is carried on.

Traditionally, my children have been allowed to open a single gift on Christmas eve and this gift is always a new pair of pajamas ... immediately donned, to be savored as the evening winds down and the excitement builds. These pajamas are carefully selected ... drawing inspiration from each child's interests and preferences.

Though my sons no longer reside at home and thus do not participate in this tradition any longer, I will eagerly assist them in reestablishing it when they have children. In the meanwhile, my daughter still ponders not only what delights will await her on Christmas morning ... but the mystery of what pajamas she will sleep in on Christmas eve.


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    • indy cindy profile imageAUTHOR

      indy cindy 

      9 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Yes Jim ... traditions are indeed comforting ... and a marvelous way of sharing a part of one's family history with future generations. I hope my children pass the Christmas eve pajamas tradition on to their children ... and their children ... etc. I am also looking forward to seeing what new traditions they establish for themselves.

    • profile image

      Jim Bruer 

      9 years ago

      While my families single 'Christmas Eve tradition' was simply choosing 'one' present to be opened on Christmas Eve, per child .... I can definitely see the 'richness' of the pajama tradition as well.

      Traditions .. passed on from parent to child .... lend a sense of 'continuity' to the process of life that we all find ..... 'comforting'. :)

    • indy cindy profile imageAUTHOR

      indy cindy 

      9 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Thanks for your comment ... and for sharing your own unique tradition. My kids and I do hot cocoa and homemade cookies while driving around looking at Christmas lights every year. In fact, they're already asking if we can go but suggested we wait one more week ... so there will be plenty of elaborate displays to check out.

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 

      9 years ago from colorado springs

      That was a nice hub. Christmas is my fav time of the year. There's no better time to start such wonderful traditions. Our family puts our mattresses all in the same room on x-mas eve and we roast marshmellows and have hot chocolate in front of the fireplace (my husbands and I may have a little Mint Flavored Baily's in our hot chocolate:) and watch christmas shows (Rudolph, A Christmas Story ect.) I  love it. Great Hub.


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