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Planning for a Dog Party

Updated on July 10, 2018
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria has a passion for dogs. Peso is her dog whom she loves eternally, and she dedicates all doggy articles to him.

Peso's 9th Birthday, it was July 27th midnight, dog was frowning because I came home late from overtime
Peso's 9th Birthday, it was July 27th midnight, dog was frowning because I came home late from overtime

Planning for a dog party

It can be as hectic as planning for a child's birthday party. Only at some situations, preparing for a dog party can be a lot harder. There are less considerations if the party venue is just at the comfort of your home, but thinking of celebrating in a public venue, one must start looking as least one month earlier.

Looking for a venue

Because having pets and promotion of responsible pet ownership is the trend today, there are places and establishments that welcome pet celebration. Expect to spend more because you will need to occupy one special room of the restaurant for consideration to other costumers who are not dog lovers and at the same time will not like to see dogs in a fine dining area.If the restaurant has 2nd floor, you can occupy the whole 2nd floor because always remember that in a dog birthday party, you will be inviting fellow dog lovers with their dogs. We are not talking of one of two dogs here, depending on your groups sometimes, in a dog party you can see more than a dozen dogs. It is adviceable to look for a venue a month or more earlier.

Who are your guests

Obviously, you will invite friends who are dog lovers too, and would love to bring their dogs in the party wearing  party attires. These are the people that you believe would not mind eating with  dogs playing and roaming around the venue. These are the people who know that they will need to carry their dogs and sing the happy birthday song, during the blowing of candles by the celebrant (of course the celebrator's human will be the one to  blow the candles LOL).

These activities are normal to dog lovers, to some, story of human celebrating his dog's birthday is very surprising and amusing.

Aside from your friends you can also invite a special guest...someone from Animal welfare Industry who can talk about responsible pet ownership.


Having a pet is often related to being an active member of a pet website, where you meet your friends who are also Dogs Crazy like you, let them participate in the program which always starts with a prayer.

First you may ask one of your friends to host the party, Then assign one friend to lead the prayers.

prepare party games that may involve your guests and their dogs. you may also give special award to dog who wears impressive party dress.

Depending on the number of hours given to you to celebrate the birthday, you can prolong your program and maximize your time

Party Food

The venue or restaurant will be the one to prepare the foods that you choose. Obviously these foods are for the human guests. Part of the party package is setting of another table where in foods for dogs will be placed.

In a dog party, dogs must not be fed too much especially if one has the tendency to throw up while travelling, but since it's their party, to feed them is inevitable.

You can prepare a boiled chicken liver, boiled carrots, a pack of dog foods and even treats.

The birthday cake can be of two types, cake for human and cake for dogs. Definitely if you are an active member of a dog website, you will meet people whose business is baking dog cakes and cookies. You can order to them the dog cakes that you like. It is good to coordinate with them a few weeks earlier.

The cake for human is always easier to order. There are varieties to choose from too. i would like a cake that has the printed photo of my dog, that is also edible.

Party Give aways and Invitation Cards

 It's always easier to make an invitation card now, most of us are computer literate so making copies of birthday invitations with our dog's photos is easier or cheaper. Depending on your budget you can look for a good printing press that  can  make a better looking Invitation Card, though what we can do from our computers are also a good option.

Birthday souvenirs can be dog treats and dog toys put in lootbags.  There are so many good dog treats that you can find in a selected petshops.

Or you can simply celebrate at your home

 The picture above was taken during Peso's 7th Birthday in  july 2007, we had a simple celebration at home, and I also treated officemates for lunch, because that month and year also, Peso also won the Cutest Dogs award in a

Peso's 7th Birthday Video


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