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Gifts Men Should Buy For Women

Updated on July 31, 2014

Guys don’t you wish there was a holiday ferry who’d come visit you in your sleep? You’d leave a pizza crust under your pillow and in the morning there’d be a note there instead telling you what to do…

That would be nice but unfortunately we live in the real world and us poor boys have to think for ourselves sometimes. For some of us, scribbling “I lov you” on a piece of toilet paper is enough to get a complimentary “Awww isn't that cute? You tried.” For the rest of us, read on and we’ll take a look at some tried and tested gift ideas that you can recycle ad nauseum with minimal risk. Whether it’s your mom, your sister, your girlfriend or wife, you’ll be lauded a winner at every conversation for the rest of the day! How awesome is that? So without further delay let’s take care of Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Mother’s Day all in one swipe!

The Bath Set

Women love to relax after a long hard day. We don’t need to understand their emotions or how they got the way they are at 6PM. All we know is that hot water, bubbles, oils and salts somehow make it go away. Places like The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works carry tons of products that women love, often in a decorative gift basket or in a convenient little kit. If you want to be a hero and customize your own set, God be with you. You can look at soaps, bath salts, bath oils, bath milks, shower gels, body butter, aroma therapeutic body mists and a bunch of other stuff, which frankly scares me because I didn't know the human body required this much maintenance. I mean what exactly is a “foot milk bath float”? Sounds like something you get at Yogen Fruz. Moving along… experience has taught me that going mango everything is a safe choice and 30 bucks will go a long way when a sale’s on. Wrap everything up nice, tie a ribbon around it, add a card with a carefully thought out sentiment and you’re done. If you’re shopping for someone who’s hard to buy for, throw in a token item like a rubber ducky. This is completely useless but it’ll make her laugh and the element of humour will temper any judging tendencies she may have as she’s eying her gift and making mental notes on the items you missed.

What type of a shopper are you?

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Spa Treatment

Sometimes it’s better to leave this sort of thing to the pros. Not only does a spa have all the correct tools and ingredients but there’s a bonus in it for the lucky lady. She doesn't have to do thing! Prices are much steeper, in the neighbourhood of $100 - $500 for a few hours of attention, more if you’re addressing multiple body parts. Check out the following link to find a spa near you that would be convenient. There is another perk that justifies the higher price tag. When she’s away at the spa, you can do whatever foolishness you want with your buddies cuz it’s Man Time ™ !

Housecoat & Slippers

What does a woman want to do after she’s been sandblasted, bathed, glazed and infused? Well, put some fuzzies on and sit by the fire of course :) Your mission as a man is to surround your woman in warm fluffy clothes that will protect the delicate exfoliated tissues that are trying to re-grow themselves. A high quality robe and slippers will do the trick. Head to your local department store and then go home right away because you forgot to check her size. Head to your local department store… and find a [female] clerk who’s not doing anything and who can show you some different robes and slippers that will work. Careful with the length. You don’t want her to trip. She doesn't have life insurance yet anyway. I’m joking! Try to get a color that isn't boring but isn't too garish either. Soft pinks and blues and yellows are nice, depending on her preference for color. This is a fairly economic and thoughtful gift that rarely fails.


Because don’t we always see them drinking before they go to bed? We can understand that. No football game would be complete without a bunch of 200 lb dudes and a 24 on ice so why shouldn't they have theirs? The liquor store carries wines from all over the world. You can stick the more traditional merlot from Italy but what about an Australian Shiraz or a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Anything from Bordeaux is a winner. Be creative. Get a variety of sweetness levels, reds, whites, maybe throw in a desert wine. If nothing else it’ll give your lady a chance to try stuff she’d never buy and if she spots a winner, again, hero status ;)


My mom enjoys reading and she’s not the only one who passes the time that way but archiving volumes of books, losing your place and eye strain from fine print or back-lit screens have made the traditional methods of reading and now portable devices a burden. Kindles and comparable e-reader devices have become quite popular because of their ability to store entire libraries of books in a lightweight and compact form factor with readable print that doesn't strain your eyes and a battery that lasts a long time. For a couple hundred dollars it’s a good investment and make for a painless transition to the digital world of e-reading. Amazon would be the first place to check. Kobo also offers their own version so have a look and see what you think would suit her better!

Charm Bracelet

In Canada there’s a company called Pandora from which you can buy rings, necklaces, watches, ear rings, charms and charm bracelets. I like the charm bracelets in particular because they are fun and have a lot of replay value. Starting off with the bracelet and 1 charm will cost a bit more than $100 with subsequent charm upgrades costing upwards of $40 each. Each charm has a different design or pattern so you can get different ones for different events until she has a collection. She’ll remember each time you gave her one from the neurological associations made at the time, which will trigger again every time she wears the bracelet… sorry I got a little carried away there. There are also spacers you can buy to keep everything from moving around when there’s not much on it yet. This makes an appropriate gift for the younger or fun-oriented personalities out there.

Random Object

Last but not least, if your little minx has a healthy appetite you’ll need to give her something that will satisfy. Lingerie just won’t do the trick here. It’s time to break out the big guns and before I go any further, hopefully you realize by now that moms and sisters aren't applicable here, lol. OK guys follow my lead. Here’s what you do:

1. Find an unusual object of interest… like a doorknob, pepper mill or crescent wrench.

2. Put it in a box.

3. Go buy a card and write the following inside:

“You have 12 hours to figure out what this is for. See you tonight bebe ;)”

4. Put the card in the box.

5. Wake up early the day of the occasion and put the box somewhere where she’ll run into it. Put a post-it note on top saying “Enter me”.

6. Leave the house and go to the dollar store.

7. Buy a bib like the kind you eat with when you’re sloppy. Good designs to look for are the lobster bib, the spaghetti and meatballs bib or anything with food on it.

8. Kill 12 hours.

9. Drive home. When you pull into the driveway, get as close as you can to the door. Take off all your clothes except your boxers and put the bib on.

10. Move quickly! Run quietly into your house, locate your significant other and bust into the room with a PROUD and magnificent posture.

11. Say “Honey, I’m home”, grab the random object and…

12. ______________________

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for anything you do that had anything to do with this hub, especially the last part.

Theatre for Two

Theatrical productions are particularly special because YOU have to be there with her while she’s enjoying her gift, which is in itself, part of the gift. She’ll adore you forever, even if you fall asleep in your chair and start drooling on the patron beside you, because she was important enough for you to come and share that special moment together. I took my mom to the Nutcracker and she just thought this was the most awesome thing ever. She wouldn't shut up about it on the way home. That’s the effect you want though. It’s rewarding in its own right. Every locale has its own ticket handling system so you’ll need to find out what’s currently playing and buy early so you don’t get the worst possible seats. Unless she has something against theatre, this is an instant win because you can see pretty much everything, to more vulgar and modern themed productions, to more classic stuff.

There's gift giving and then this. Don't let it happen to you!

Hopefully this guide will serve you well throughout the years and bring you much happiness with all the women in your life. They are special. Show them you love them and you will both reap the rewards of a strong, healthy relationship :)


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