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A Guide to Go pachal Parvat Gwalior

Updated on June 26, 2020


Serene beauty, graceful waterfalls, twisted and tangled pathways carved into the heart of rainforest are a desirable getaway for a person, who is done with the bizarre hustling and bustling in his normal routine. Our planet is gifted with wonders beyond our imaginations. From the North to the south, we succumb into the wonders of the world. The peaceful places help us to solve all the charades in our minds. We all always yearn to visit the places where we get lost into its voids and get bewitched under its mesmerizing spell. Sometimes its effects are more than the infamous Cruciate Curse---the calmness of the place would obviously not kill us. Instead, It'd plant a bud of pleasure which would surely blossom into a flower so beautiful that it'd keep our mood alive. The place might be best for solo travel that'd bless our soul with a state of seclusion.

Have you ever wanted to have a feeling of being in ******a Jones' temples? If yes, we've got you covered with something similar which has the same vibe. Majestic yet infamous Gopachal rock-cut monuments are a part of Jain monuments found in Gwalior city that have a great history.

These rocks date back to the 7th to 15th centuries and are located around the walls of Gwalior fort. The Holy place for Jainism, the monuments are a tribute to the Jain Tirthan whose idols are in a meditating posture. The fort has a vibe of a temple and the idols are of all different shapes and sizes. They are a part of a hundred monuments located around the city. If you're on a car, you're most likely to miss out on these, but these magnificent, well-carved rocks are a sight to see. Even though some of them are left desolate, but the serenity is still intact. If you plan on visiting this famous site filled with magic and history, here is your guide to Gopachal Parvat.

Things to do / Highlights

The highlights of the place are the well-constructed and sculpted rock carvings. These idols are mesmerizing in their way. One can have to admire the beauty and grandeur of this temple. Words might fall short of praise about the bliss it gives to the heart of a person who visits it.


The most notable thing about this site is the structure of the idols. The fact that it dates back to the 7th to 15th century; it is a very well-constructed temple. Even though the Mughal emperor Babur tried to ruin these beautifully carved statues, the charm of this place remains the same. It is a rare combination of spirituality and architecture.

Fascinating carvings

The place is famous for its brilliantly carved rock statues. The finely sculpted idols are worth watching and are a noticeable thing. They make you wonder how talented people of that time were and how this place has remained intact even after the attempt of being demolished.


Gopachal Parvat is a rock-cut temple which is the most admired. It is also called the Jain mandir. Many temples are surrounding Gopachal Parvat including Teli ka mandir and Gadarmal Jain temple, which are highly renowned. Each one is dedicated to Jain Tirthankara, and they are total seven in number.

Traveler's tips
Avoid Taking Taxi Rides

If you take a cab to Gwalior Fort, the cab drivers will most likely skip this place unless you know this place exists. It is a worth watching site so beware that you do not let the taxi drivers miss this stop of yours.

Keep Your Water

It would be best if you kept a water bottle with you because there are many steps that you need to climb barefoot to watch this place. The heat in summers or shortness of breath can make you thirsty so be prepared with water by your side.

Stack Up On Snacks

The place is enormous, and you can enjoy your tour by having little snacks with you as there are not many shops there.

Best Time To Visit

This famous archaeological site opens at 7:00 am, which is the best time to visit it as there are fewer people in the morning and you can see and admire the beauty of these idols in peace.


Try wearing clothes that fully cover you as the people there are very orthodox. They entirely judge you and don't let you climb even with socks on. To avoid the inconvenience of clothing, you should go prepared. Wear cultural clothes.


There is no prohibition on photography. It can be an excellent location for cultural shoots or any shoot in general. Photographers can have a good time capturing these marvellous carved rocks.

No Tour Guide

One con of this place is that there is no tour guide you have to take a tour yourself. Be well researched or search it up later if you are a history person.

How To Get There
By Taxi

Easily accessible from Gwalior fort, you'll have to take a taxi or rickshaw ride to Gopachal Parvat. Be vigilant if you are in a taxi because the drivers tend to skip it.

On Foot

If you are a walking person, you can also walk to this fantastic site if you tend to visit the Gwalior fort.

Free Entry

There is no entry fee required to this site seeing and is open for all.


To summarize the whole guide, this site has relation to a remarkable history of its own. The people in the vicinity have a barrage of folklores to tell about this site. Some are fiction, and some have some authenticity. But a visit to these ruins is must if you are a fan of ruins and places so grandeur that folds a history so great and vast that sheets might end, but the stories won't stop. So, what are you waiting for, book a flight, pack your essentials and get on with it.

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