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A Perfect Christmas

Updated on December 26, 2011
Our Christmas Tree 2011
Our Christmas Tree 2011

They say that nothing is ever perfect, but I tend to disagree. This Christmas was perfect for me… The best Christmas ever.

We are not a wealthy couple, but we are a happy couple, content to do with what we have. And we do have more than many.

We have a passel of children, yet we spent the day alone, together. It was not only eye opening, but wonderful.

It was, to my way of analyzing, interesting that neither one of us was at all enthusiastic about going out and visiting anyone. We simply wanted to stay at home.

We’d spent ten years apart and this was our sixth year back together (37 years of marriage). No trepidation, no sadness, just smiles all around.

We started on Christmas Eve by shopping for turkey and the trimmings. Together we managed to stuff (literally), what we thought was a small turkey, into a removable Crock pot pan that doubled for a roasting pan. We covered it with foil, popped it into the oven and set it for 200 degrees.

Then we watched a movie - to my way of thinking the only redeeming thing about the movie was that I was with my love. It was horrible - monsters and all, but he liked it. That was what mattered.

The movie over, the news on and off to the kitchen I go to make cookies. The dough was in the refrigerator waiting for my touch to turn it into cookies. I must have been tired; they looked more like blobs than peppermint cookies by the time they were done. (Smile)

I let the cookies cool and rejoined my love in the living room. He silenced TV and we chatted for over an hour. I turned on the radio and Christmas music was still playing. Eventually we retired,

About six am I noticed that the turkey did not smell like turkey or anything else for that matter, so I upped the temperature to 250. It has been so long since I cooked a turkey that I had forgotten what temperature to use.

I iced the cookies. Then I grabbed a Christmas present and took it in to my love. He smiled and opened it. It was chosen specifically for him and was not cheap (although it was on super mark down). He immediately wore it, once he got up.

We stayed in our pajamas, with him wearing his new vest over them, for most of the morning. We were expecting no one, and no one came.

He checked the turkey, basted it and declared it needed only one more hour, and tasted yummy! Hmm, giggle!

We watched the news on Fox, CNN and HLN. Then we watched a Christmas movie, of which I had recorded many. This was Annie Clause comes home for Christmas. Or something like that. It was cute and we laughed. I loved the laughter. It came so easily, as if it was a part of who we now are.

We fixed plates of food to consume during our TV gig.

Later in the evening he opened his small individual cherry pie and had ice cream on top of it. He loves his food!

He gave me Sand & Sable, a fragrance only available at this time of year, and I gave him his final gift of a suede and lambs-wool, reversible blanket for his lap. We keep it cool in our house. He really liked it.

He folds it and takes it to the bedroom when he is finished with it.

So the day progressed and we chatted more and played that Text Twist game on the computer. We are equally matched and had a blast.

Afternoon found us bundled up, walking hand in hand around our neighborhood. That was awesome.

When we arrived home I needed a rest, so we rested.

Then we watched Cold Case on TV and the evening began to wind down.

Now for the crème`de le crème`: As I walked into the living room, I noticed he was getting up out of his chair. With his arthritis, it takes time for him to arise and be able to walk.

He was smiling, so I smiled back. Then…wait for it…it’s worth it…

He came over to me, put his hand on my waist and offered me the other hand and began to hum soft music, and we danced! Maybe not the dancing we used to do (we’d won awards), however, we danced and it was absolutely lovely!

Then he kissed me, like we were young lovers just getting to know one another. Oh my, it warms me to just think of it.

A perfect ending to a perfect Christmas!


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