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A Special Christmas Eve

Updated on January 4, 2016

A Christmas Eve Long Ago

I can still remember a special Christmas that we enjoyed as a family many years ago. Our children were all young at that time, and we lived where there was snow on the ground at that time of year. We decided as a family to do something for others in our neighborhood that year. I contacted our church leader and found out the number of widows there were in our church and where they all lived. We set about making baskets to take to each home and I made a flower corsage for each of the elderly widows to wear on Christmas morning. Just for fun, I dressed the children as little Santa’s helpers and made beards with the leftover stuffing from my quilts. All were dressed warmly to venture out into the snow that cold Winter's night, and the children looked like 6 little elves with their little white beards. Each child was excited to carry his own basket to deliver to the homes of these sweet widows on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Corsage
A Christmas Corsage | Source

My Little Elves

When we arrived at the first woman’s home that night and knocked on her door—-she was afraid to open it. When she peaked out of her window, however, and saw the little children dressed as little elves—beards and all, she opened her door and happily greeted us—she was so surprised and happy to have us come that night and for her basket. We visited each elderly widow and were happily greeted and received by each one of them—one especially invited the children into her home to give each a hug.

We Will Always Remember That Night

The sad thing, however, that I still remember—was seeing that of all those sweet elderly widows—only one of them had their family there with them on Christmas Eve night—only one was surrounded by those that cared —the rest were home all alone on that special night. My own children, now all grown and most with families of their own, still remember that special Christmas Eve as one of their very most favorite of all—the night that we all truly felt the love of our Savior and the true meaning of Christmas——a time that we were able to share our love with those that needed it most on that very special Christmas Eve night.


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