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Repair the Fabric

Updated on December 7, 2013
A fabric undone
A fabric undone

Why must we be divided in our country,

it was meant to be the land of the free,

Asian, Hispanic, Black, and White, by race,

one people, we were meant to be?

The flag of fifty states waves on high,

overseeing the people of this great land,

we must be united as one, under the warm sun,

and living our lives, so grand.

Why do we all have to be so angry,

and we're always looking for some wrong,

we can find the rights, in most situations,

like the Candy Man has in his song?

When will we learn to just all get along,

respecting each culture, in the end,

people have come from around the globe,

their races and colors, all to blend?

Some people have a harder life to live,

in the far flung places around this world,

while we sit at home, reading in our dens,

or around our T.V. sets, we are curled.

Many people worry about food to eat,

or if their family will be safe from the cold,

while others complain about their big stocks,

or the rise in the price of their gold.

We were created to serve as a model for all,

this country in which we all now live,

It's not about how much that we can take,

but all about how much we should give.

Those of us who shared our lives,

with many who were down, and in much need,

found wealth so precious than all the gold,

and more worthy, without any greed.

The fabric sewn from our blood and sinew,

deserves more than we all now do give,

the flag means much more than a colorful cloth,

for it represents the life that we live.

The human spirit flies within the strands,

streaming the red, the white and the blue,

we must take the hand of our neighbors now,

and our lives once again, we'll renew!


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