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Law of Attraction Higher Vibrations: Thanksgiving-Christmas Style Gratitude All Year

Updated on February 13, 2019

Shining Candle Light

Part of my great childhood memories of the season is a family Advent observance.
Part of my great childhood memories of the season is a family Advent observance. | Source

Attraction, Gratitude, And Abundance

Many thought leaders recommend feeling gratitude to prepare for receiving increasing abundance in one's life. That is a good position. I don't know when the increased wealth is arriving, but I know that it is imminent. I am trusting the teachings in The Secret and from spirit-led teachers.

This is one way I ramp up my gratitude.

Winter Holiday Feeling

For me, thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas warms my soul and heart. I have many happy childhood memories about both.


Both include special foods and feasting – ALWAYS a positive for me as I am most likely a Freudian oral-fixation personality.


Christmas, in particular, brings beautiful music. (Yes, I love the traditional Protestant carols, classical scores, and new jazz renditions. I start playing carols on the piano in July, restraining myself from starting any earlier out of a sense of consideration for others who may not be similarly enthralled.)

Near Christmas performances clog my personal schedule. For one month I am playing, dancing, and singing. It’s halfway towards living inside a Broadway musical, which will be part of what my Heaven will be. Plus, I celebrate my friends’ performances and luxuriate in hearing new arrangements of Christmas songs.

Giving To Neighbors

Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. of America means, for me, getting together with family and friends, eating good foods, having a holiday from work, giving to others who need assistance, and reflecting on the good things in my life. All rather great things, I believe.

Thanksgiving Day, or the long 4- to 5-day weekend, does not mean shopping for gifts. It just doesn’t. Neither does it mean scheduling my life around football games on the telly (sorry, footballers, I just never got into it – thank you, Dad!) All things considered, Thanksgiving turns out to be a relaxing, enjoyable time.

Keep Christmas With You All Through The Year

To conjure up a higher emotional state of abundance, my blessings are easy to count.

I can walk, talk, hear, see, eat, drink, read, write, and drive without assistance. Each year that passes makes that more important.

I have grand friends who see the real me and, despite that, still genuinely love me. I love them back, and that is a great blessing – the ability to give love.

Every year, I can identify new blessings. This might include a new mischievous cat, an expanded vegetable gardens, and a slowly increasing talent on the clarinet. (I’m sure that my band director gives thanks for that!)

“Keep Christmas with you all through the year.”

This sentiment is found in a Muppet Christmas song. I like it very much. In fact, it is part of my personal credo.

The winter holidays are getting together time, and eating special foods time. As a bonus, adults frequently act a little more kindly towards each other at the winter holiday season.

The best thing if you are a musician: Christmas is rambunctious and glorious Fourth of July fireworks!!!

I also celebrate my personal spiritual meaning of Christmas. I do that every day. That is a good state of mind.

I propose that we all try keeping a Thanksgiving-Christmas state of mind longer than the actual holiday season. Both holidays compensate for the darkness – they give us something to happily anticipate as the number of hours of daylight decrease. Both give the opportunity to make special foods, lovingly crafted and delicious for all. Both call to mind blessings. It is a state of mind worth keeping all through the year.

Blessings on you.

Law Of Attraction Guide

The Secret
The Secret

I read and re-read this book to stay on track.



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