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An Opinion on Christmas

Updated on October 14, 2015

Christmas is almost here, you plan and plan and before you know it has passed already. It seems that except for that date on the calendar, trimming of the tree and decorating, we have nothing to show for it.

Christmas is not what it used to be, when I was a kid it couldn't come any sooner. My parents stuck cotton and red felt in the attic door so that in the morning we'd be so excited and, obviously, couldn't wait to open our presents. The wait was the worst because tradition was that we always had breakfast first; I suppose my mom thought our tummy's should be full before all the excitement started.

I do remember that on Christmas day morning my daughters, when their favorite carols would be on, would come running down the stairs to see if Santa ate the cookies we left him. The night before my husband and I would show the girls that the milk and cookies on their little plate was sitting right by the fireplace ready for him.

What my girls never saw on Christmas day was Santa's bag of presents hiding, so later on they were so surprised when Santa knocked at the door with more presents for them. I actually had tears in my eyes because even though my oldest wasn't fond of Santa's beard and not really seeing his face, she sat on his lap in my parent's house in awe of this man who was giving a gift to her.

It is a fun time of the year for the young children and the young at heart, and although it can be busy for us parents, we need to have some fun too and take a moment to remember the Christmases past we had as a child. It's also important though to take some time for ourselves and just relax with a maybe a good book or a holiday movie!

Christmas is truly a time of the year when you want to give time to your family. It is always better to give than to receive is the phrase I am looking for here. To give of yourself is what is important; so this year make just one morning or afternoon during this holiday season to volunteer or just help a loved one!


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