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A Wondrous Happy Birthday And Wedding Anniversary To My Better Half (Wife)....

Updated on August 13, 2015

A Wondrous Happy Birthday And Wedding Anniversary To My Better Half (Wife)....

The most important blogs I have written or ever will write in this forum are about Christ Jesus, I hope... but today, I will take a momentary respite from the Gospel of the Christ to pay Agape homage to my beloved better half on her birthday/wedding anniversary. It seems like all those years ago and fortuitous when I arrived to New York from California on a partial scholarship to attend NYU, but I took a job as a hospital security guard that vitiated my NYU scholarship, which then compelled me to applied to a more cost effective college (John Jay College of Criminal Justice). My applying to John Jay is a testament of how every aspect of our lives is controlled by the Sovereign Lord and Savior because it was at John Jay where I met my wife in a poetry class. The truth is that I took that poetry class, not so much to learn about the Bard or about the other great poets, but to get women just like how I had done elsewhere - but there she was: that tanned, cocoa brown chocolate, petite lady with the bee-stung lips, punctuated with a coke-bottle-figure that was and is still breathlessly, 'mmn,' meandering....

There are many things I have to thank my wife for; I thank her for coaxing and getting me through law school because I thought it would be a breeze like how I managed the undergraduate classes; my wife had more confidence in my mental faculties than I did. When I engaged my wife, I remember how my mother benignly betrayed me by making me buy a more expensive ring than the one that I initially bought; perhaps, that is why both of them get along so well and both have ran an effective tag team on me on what is now our fifteenth year of marriage. Incidentally, when we were getting married, I recalled when we exited the Limo, only what I am about to convey could happen here in New York. To that end, we were standing on one side of the road to cross over to the wedding reception hall when a car with New Yorkers came by, whereby, the occupants shouted that our pending nuptials were not going to last... leaving us rolling in laughter - but alas, the Lord has tarried and through His grace and mercies, He has given us fifteen wondrous years and two children.

At this juncture in our marriage, my wife is a better mother than she is a wife - as it should be when Christ Jesus has blessed a couple with children. The loving coattails of being a husband and a father allow me to listen or watch my wife and daughter argue about what is appropriate for a young lady to wear - I love it even more so when I have to be the referee and make the final choice as to what is apt attire. Incidentally, I love how my wife have made me feel like the Lord feels about his creation of Human kind... I have swallowed dictionaries, yet I cannot describe what it feels like to have one's children cry when one leaves for work and when one returns, especially seeing those same children running at warp speed to greet you... showing their sheer joy that one is back home - I thank my wife for making those babies that allowed me to enjoy what the Christ/Almighty God must feel like when He looks at us in all our frailties. Last but not least, I am ambivalent on how my wife monitors my eating habits, though I know that it is borne out of love... but the truth is I secretly, benignly, resent her because my wife's constitution allows her to eat virtually anything without accumulating fat.

I hope the Lord permit us to have many more years together because, as Martin Luther King said, ... longevity has its place and above all I hope - no, I claim in Christ Jesus! I hope my beloved wife continues to make me vegetable lasagna, which tastes like the real thing or that I never grow tired of eating the many variations of Jamaican jerk dishes. I thank my wife for putting up with my joking about her being from Jamaica and for inspiring me as my muse to write many a skit. I end again by wishing my wife a happy birthday/wedding anniversary and asking her for forgiveness for all I have done known and unknown to her. I have written many poems about my wife, but permit me to borrow from Sir Elton John, whose lyrics to follow put this auspicious occasion of my beloved wife's birthday/wedding anniversary in a better loving perspective than I can: "... How wonderful life is when you're in the world....!



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    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      3 years ago from New York

      Thanks for the prayers and blessings... and same return to you and yours

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Congratulations to your wife on her birthday, and to both of you on your wedding anniversary. I pray God's continual favor on your family going forward!


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