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A bright star across a dark night, beautiful and gone too soon.

Updated on July 29, 2012

There are those people

There are certain people in our lives, that make us stop, and take notice. People who live life to help others, and who truly know how to love. My cousin Sheri Jasper, was that person. She had joy in her life. She dealt well with adversity. I looked up to her so much. She was a gentle person, yet could tell it like it was as well. She tried so hard, she was someone who never gave up. I loved talking to her, because she seemed to have wisdom well beyond her age. She had a love of life and people, that most of us fall short of. She truly was a bright star in the darkness. She showed the light of love. I often times miss her. And when I go to the little town of McLean Texas, and I look at her headstone in the cemetery I always break down. I break down because I talk to her, and I tell her, I wish you were here. I have so many things I'd love to ask you, so many things I would like to have your advice on. There is so much I would like to say. I am so thankful that this bright star lit up the darkness that my life could hold at times. I miss her immensely. I can't look at her picture too much, or I start to cry. I just can't help but think, why such a beautiful person Lord, and all I can think of, was this world was too dark to hold such a bright light. Most good hearted people seem to leave this earth too soon. And she was one of the best. I know she's not in that cemetery beneath that headstone. I know She is someplace far better than we can imagine. I know that now she is shining bright in heaven. I'm thankful to have known her. I celebrate her life, in that I would love to be like she was. I pray for my Texas family, yesterday was Sheri's birthday. I know it had to be a difficult day for them. I know that they too, celebrate the amazing life she lived, in the short time she was here. Some stars never burn out, but they can't stay in the darkness too long. They leave us so that we will see, that we need to strive to be a light in the dark world. God bless everyone today


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    • Mary Mahorney profile image

      Mary Mahorney 5 years ago from H'vegas TN

      Thank you. God bless you!!

    • hubsy profile image

      hubsy 5 years ago

      Thank you for posting. Sheri sounds like an amazing woman and where ever she is now, I'm sure it's a better place.