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A gift from a stranger (A true life story)

Updated on September 11, 2020
nzubechilouisa profile image

Louisa Anams is a young talented lady,who hails from Nigeria.she is very good at writing novels,poems, motivational quotes and many more.

It all started last year Christmas day.i was just left out,because I had no money,no money to buy things to keep and store at my cellar at home.i was dumb one to ask for help.even most of my friends had already travelled to see their loved ones.i was all left neighbors had no clue that they had a neighbor like them,I wasn't existing.i was just like a ghost occupying the up floor room,where I easily never came down that much.

I was so family are far,and the worst part was that they also had no money.they were even expecting from me,but no response.

On that Christmas day when everyone was busy eating fried rice and salad,some white rice and chicken,I was busy eating cornflakes without no milk nor sugar.i didn't even buy Christmas clothes,while some of my mates we're busy parading with their Christmas clothes around the streets and shop's.

I was looking from my up bancony,starri s at the filled eateries,hotels Boomimg with music's around the streets.

I stayed outside till frustrated dragged me back inside.for a second I taught to sell my t.v set's,but I later over came that spirit.a second again,I taught of stealing,but I swaved it off.then soon,I slept off.and when I woke up,it was morning already.

Thinking about my work,but the day was boxing day.i wanted to go ask my employer for my end of month salary,but then,I remembered she said till February because she had to undergo an immediate surgery.

I didn't give up

I began to pray to God to help me.yes because new year was on it way also,and I have barely anything else to eat.and begging was not my I began to manage until it was getting to New year (2020).

I had said already that I wouldn't go to church because I told God to help me with enough money before New year eve.soon it got to newyNew eve.every one was preparing to go to church,to pray and shout happy New year..but I was just sitting inside,I had only #50 with me,and that money was either to use it for transport or use it to eat because I had nothing else.

But later,when it was almost 12o'clock,I decided to use the money to transport myself to church.when I reached church,I was so crowded,no space inside,so I had to stand outside with numerous people also.

I began to murmur my prayers.praying for God to touch my employer to send me some of my salary or God to spend someone to help me..I prayed only for minutes before people started shouting happy New year!!!

I was happy,but not too happy.quickly I started to walk outside,, trekking home because I had no money.As I was walking home, someone started to talk to me,he was a stranger because I don't know him,nor have ever seen him in my life.

I wanted to wave him off,but he insisted,and soon we began talking.talking mainly about Christ, New year things and many more.

Am so happy how God helped my life through a stranger

And what made it more interesting was that,he was going towards my side,,when I got to my junction,I stopped,waved at him,he opened my hands,and threw something inside.i was baffled,so I quickly opened my hands,and saw it was money.

I couldn't reject it,but thanked him so much,but he only moved away,and went his way..I looked at the money,it was enough to feed me still my employer recovers.

All thanks to God.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed it.if so,please do comment below.


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