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A young student hosts an event to celebrate the international day of Peace

Updated on September 29, 2013


Worldwide peace.

World peace is the communication, the respect, the freedom and the happiness that reunites all humans regardless their gender, religion, color or sexual orientation.

Can people agree on important matters? Disarm themselves, trust each other, overcome greed and do everything with the best intentions?

We believe it is possible, that’s why; an event took place last week, the 21st September at the American corner Oujda, where a young student came up with the idea of reuniting people to celebrate the international day of peace.

“Since many activities and celebrations were taking place around the world, why not being a part of it?” Said Asmae Ourkiya.

During the event, several inspiring videos and short movies were played, which motivated the attendants to share their thoughts, and the discussions were quite interesting!

The question on which the debate was based was: ‘Do you believe that world peace is possible? If yes, do you think it will ever be attained? If no, what makes it impossible?’

Many of the attendants had a lot to say about that, some were creative and wrote poems, some others made paintings, and some shared what they thought:

“We should hold each other’s hands, and accept one another no matter where we are from” Said Zakaria Elhamel, the current ambassador of peace in Morocco, and the founder of 'Youth for peace'.

"More needs to be done on both sides of the US/Mexican border. Because of the current situation, peace is not possible. This is why we need events like these peace days to bring to light the solutions to the conflicts affecting our world today." Said Manuel Navarro from Paris via Skype.

“As long as we believe in peace, we can achieve a peaceful world” Said Lidiia Kozhevnikova via Skype from Ukraine.

“Nowadays, with all the conditions and the circumstances, I think it’s hard to achieve world peace” said Yassine Salama.

“Young people have the power to do anything as long as they want to, I believe anything is possible.” Said Ayoub Belgharbi.

As much as the discussion was about the crimes, wars and conflicts that are taking place all around the world recently like hate crimes, religious intolerance, rape and nuclear weapons, the attendants were pretty optimistic, and most of them believed that world peace can be attained.

Many legendary men were mentioned for what they did, like Mahatma Gandhi who is famous for his three weeks fasting for the sake of his country’s independence, and for his non-violent protests.

Martin Luther King Jr: who was the father of the civil rights movement in the U.S, led the movement to end racial segregation and racial discrimination between black and white people. He is well known for his famous speech 'I have dream'.

“I believe world peace can be achieved, it needs to start in the hearts and the minds of all of us. What would have to change, is the idea that someone else will create peace, and waiting for peace to happen without any contribution. There are many people working toward peace , let’s join the effort, instead of questioning if it’s possible or not, and the energy that is built by working together could be quite astounding!” Said Asmae Ourkiya.

At the end, everyone sang “ Hommes de demain” by Zouhair Coradidi, and it was amazing seeing more than 40 people singing together!

And finally, peace cupcakes and juice were served to all the attendants. It was an amazing evening!

By: Asmae OURKIYA.


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    • Emma Our profile imageAUTHOR

      Asmae OURKIYA 

      7 years ago

      Yeah sure!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I like it ! i wish i was there with you guys :( .. maybe next time ?


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