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Adorable Safe Children's Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 11, 2016
toddler and baby
toddler and baby

Dressing a Baby in Costume

Babies should be dressed comfortably. the clothing should not bind or cut off circulation. It should not interfere with their vision or range of motion and movement. It should be machine washable, and preferably bright colors. As babies grow so fast, you may wish to order a size up depending on how far ahead you are ordering their costume. As babies grow quickly it is most likely that you will be giving this costume away before next Halloween, to a relative or friend, so try to stay with gender neutral costumes, while this may seem silly as most baby costumes are onesies, it should still be remembered.

If you are going out with your baby, such as to a friend's house, a party, etc bring changes of clothes for the event of spit-ups, spills, diaper leakages, and so forth.

Young prince

Young prince
Young prince

Toddler Costumes Playtime Costumes

Toddlers have vivid imaginations, you may discover that your toddler wants to wear their Halloween costume on a regular basis after Halloween for playtime by themselves and with others.

Because of this, care needs to be given in selecting costumes to ensure that they are more sturdily constructed. Accessories can be purchased all over the internet to add to the versatility of a favorite costume.

Attention should be given to durable construction, elastic waistbands, cloth costumes verses cheap vinyl pull overs, and a theme that the child (and the parents) love.

A look into a child's bedroom or toy-box will reveal themes of long lasting playtime value.

Remember to make sure that items such as swords and shields that will be played with regularly are discarded and replaced when no longer in safe condition.

Themed Costumes

From superheros to villains, cops and robbers, pirates and swashbucklers, Darth Vader and Jedi's, boys love good guy verses bad guy play. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, Powder Puff Girls are all examples of animation options that allow your child to be a part of the fun, and live their favorite cartoon.

Long after Halloween is over, your child will be able to wear their new favorite costume at playtime.

Fathers remember that there is more to having a daughter in costume than the princess. Not only does this avoid tea parties it helps you enjoy time with your daughter during her childhood. And not every girl wants to have tea parties. A tiny Rosie the Riveter might be a better option.

Group of Preteens in Costume

Dressing Your Tween for Halloween

For the older young child clothing costume ideas will be more geared towards functional clothing and less capes and tights. Fairies, mummies, ghosts, and not very scary monsters are popular choices.

Dracula, zombies, aliens, Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein, witches, wizards, skeletons, are all popular choices for this age range.

These kids are able to dress themselves, carry their own trick-or-treat bag, flashlight, and do not need to hold your hand while going door to door. You will still accompany them, of course but they can go to the door independently. However, if you will be charging a tax on candy, you should bring your own bag. Act like an adult and trade for your favorite bits of sugary goodness, or chocolates.

Costumes chosen by this age group will have strong input by your children.

Young Teens and Halloween

Modesty and comfort are the two most important factors for this age group and above. For females, a tank-top or leotard and tights maybe worn under outfits deemed too revealing by you. This age group may wear these costumes to Halloween parties as well as Halloween parties.

Popular choices include Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Japanese anime favorites, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Voltron. Nickelodeon classics, fairy-tale classics and other unexpected things will often reappear in this age group. Fun and fitting in with their peers are the primary concerns they will have when it comes to costume selections. Make sure that selections are not too revealing and fit properly.

Older Teens and Costuming Challenges

Older teens may choose any and all of the above ideas, popular movie or book characters, or decide to create a costume from their own imagination. The challenge is allowing them creativity, with safety, mobility, and modesty in mind.

Online videos can provided step by step instruction on creating the costume of their dreams.

Set a budget and do not allow them to go over it. Explain that videos made by professionals will yield professional results and they are still amateurs and should only expect amateur level results. If they are experimenting with makeup or cosmetics they will need to practice a few times and have supplies in their budget to cover their attempts. Makeup effects have a learning curve.

Points to Ponder

Costumes are available online at every budget level. Every size from very small to very large is available. Make sure that you are ordering the size that will fit your child when it is time for them to actually wear the costume. Each Halloween is a chance to take loads of fun pictures of and with your children. Make sure that you print photos to share with distant friends and family not just post on social media. Any clothing worn to school for Halloween should still meet the school's dress-code policies. This includes functions that are held at school but are after hours. Matching themed trick-or-treat bags or accessories are always a nice touch that bring the entire costume together.

Make sure that phone and camera batteries are fully charged. Conducting a short, less than two minute long video of your kids through their Halloweens as they grow up is a personal family time capsule that will be cherished by everyone. Try the costume on ahead of time to make sure that it will fit properly. Do not forget to include the shoes that they will be wearing that night. Also make sure that they can use the restroom without needing aid or assistance to get out of their costume if they are normally able to go by themselves.

Set a firm limit on how long you will be out trick-or-treating, let your children know that candy will be inspected for safety reasons. Many hospitals will X ray candy for free, check in your neighborhood for their locations. Many malls and churches have safe indoor trick-or-treating with packaged candy, and will allow visitors for that event. Remember to check if tickets are required or not with unknown events.

Amusement parks that are open during this time of the year offer Halloween events where candy and rides costumes and supervised activities are all to be had for the price of a ticket. If you take your children to an amusement park have no loose features on their costume that can get hung up, caught on a ride or in the turnstile, or might not allow the safety devices such as the bars and belts to function properly.

Finally, make sure that your little angel or devil is well fed and hydrated before you leave, and uses the restroom right before you go out the door. This can save countless amounts of frustration, poor moods, and bad behavior. Your child may want to plunder and spoils approach to trick-or-treating and Halloween by keeping a firm handle on the evening you assure a fun filled, yet safe and responsible evening for all.


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