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Presents or Gifts for Teen Agers

Updated on January 31, 2015

As in all gift giving situation, we would like a gift that will benefit the user. One that will make him use it and he will be happy to receive it. Next we should research first if they have the item already. Then we also consider the budget we have for it. I listed some of the gifts preferred for teen-agers. I have three teen-agers so I know what they like.

All time gifts for teen-agers -- Skate, snow and surf boards I consider this an all time gift, but during Christmas season this cant be used due to weather specially in western countries. But no matter what time of the year, a teen-ager would like to have this as a gift.

One thing with cell phone is that, you need to pay for the monthly subscription too. There are a lot of new cell-phones with new features which teen-agers will like, music, cameras and downloads. iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, LG or Mortorola are some to choose from, although as I have said, take a look on your budget, or if they can have one, If you cant have it, then why should your teen-ager have it?

Ideas - Presents for Teen Agers

  • Now for the teen-agers and for all people is the “The Twilight Book” series.
  • You can give them cash - more prefer it
  • Sports and souvenirs T-shirts or caps -- I guess you should research first which team and sports the teen-ager like, then you may know what to give, basketball, football, cricket, hockey, soccer, baseball etc..
  • Basic balls, or enlistment for training in particular sports.
  • Digital camera -- Today the latest trend in camera is that it gets smaller, smaller yet bigger in features. Look at the mega pixels and how far it can take the shot.
  • Video Games accessories like you can give them Guitar Hero for example, CDs, new controller, Video games or game systems, controllers, cables, memory cards, stick video, batteries, new chargers etc. If they don’t have any game set yet, choose console which you can afford.


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