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An Open Letter - A Birthday Wish to Parul

Updated on December 12, 2013
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A Software Developer, who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Your favourite Tulip for you

Happy B'day
Happy B'day

On Parul's B'day - An Elaborate Wish

I decided to create a b’day greeting for you in some form. I had not decided which form it would be. But something to convey my feelings, that you’re special and that I miss you a lot.

And guess what happened. I just typed Parul on Google, and I landed at the wikipedia entry for plant Parul.

The coincidences were apparently endless... at least difficult to cover in an eCard, so I decided that your greeting for this year would be this - an open letter...

May be you knew all this, may be you’ve read all this, but for me, all these lines were pleasant surprises.

It’s a five petal flower.

"It produces deep lavender flowers with a white throat fading to a paler lavender. Parul blooms heavily in the spring and fall. It flowers on and off throughout the year. The flowers start off purple and change to a lighter shade of lavender with age. The petals eventually fade to almost white. As many as 3 colors may appear at the same time on one plant."

I couldn’t believe it for once. The plant with your name bears flowers of your favourite colour. The light purple... mauve. And yet, the flowers are colourful... not monotonous. Predictable, may be sometimes, but still full of changes, full of life.

This plant is said to help get rid of bad luck. :) You’ve been quite lucky for me. More than often, our conversations sometimes lead to logical solutions, and sometimes strange coincidences, which surprisingly take care of things.

I’ve been calling you “Sunshine” with a lot of affection. God must’ve thought in winters of the year of your birth, “The world needs some warmth, let me wrap all that in this little angel and send her...”

I’ve been turning to you for all sort of suggestions. I don’t remember whether I’ve ever told you, but I’ve alarmingly few friends whom I look up to for suggestions. Your unbiased outlook, your clear perception enhances my ability to visualise things better, to take more confident decisions.

May I also say, your black hat Avtaar, has been vital for so many things, some of which we were together in, others I just wanted your verdict to seal with the stamp of satisfaction.

Of the time we’ve remained associated professionally, I cherish many moments along with countless chuckles you’ve brought by your sheer sense of humour, life saving inputs that you gave with your unmatched intellect, difficult goals achieved with the aid of your sincerity and honesty, and endearing proofs of your worldly innocence.

I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, but I wish so much more for you. And the best part of it is, you deserved every bit of my wishes, and more, being the through and through good person you are.

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Flowers wrapped with light - to keep your life full of Warm and Cozy "Sunshine"
Flowers wrapped with light - to keep your life full of Warm and Cozy "Sunshine"


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