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An Organized Christmas Begins NOW

Updated on September 1, 2011

Did you know there are websites to help you plan and organize your Christmas holidays?

Guess when the organized begin getting ready for Christmas? September 1st is when they recommend you begin getting organized.

I don't know about you, but I'm not usually in the mood to start Christmas stuff in September. Here in Texas, it's still extremely hot in September. Then again, maybe thinking about cooler temperatures in December will help.

I decided to put together my list of things I think you can begin doing now that will help your Christmas holidays be less stressful and won't put such a strain on you financially either.

Christmas Planning (Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons)
Christmas Planning (Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons)

KCC's Tips for an Organized Christmas

•· Find (or create) a calendar showing the days between now and Christmas. Begin recording all events such as office parties, club parties, kids' Christmas plays, Church plays, etc. Mark when the kids get out of school.

•· Start now creating your Christmas card list. Break it up into manageable groups and address cards a few at a time. Begin stocking up on postage stamps.

•· Have children and close family begin making "wish lists" so that you can have a better idea of what they want for Christmas. Magazines and Sunday newspaper ads are great for cutting out pictures of what you want.

•· Create a gift-buying list and carry it with you shopping. Begin buying Christmas gifts a few at a time.

•· Decide now how much you plan to spend.

•· Begin doing the deep cleaning around your house in preparation for decorating. No one likes to clean just before decorating.

•· Create a list of chores around the house that need to be completed before the holiday season such as cleaning out gutters before you hang the lights.

•· Take inventory of party supplies if you plan to do some entertaining around the holidays. Begin stocking up.

•· If you buy from mail order catalogs begin placing orders to ensure timely delivery and good stock supplies.

•· Many people decorate around a theme each year. Decide the theme for this year and take inventory of the decorations, etc. needed for this theme. Begin making additional purchases as needed.

•· If you'll be preparing any meals for guests, begin locating recipes (tried and true, or look for new) and begin creating a shopping list of items to purchase. Begin purchasing non-perishables a little at a time such as canned pie fillings, canned vegetables, Eagle-brand milk, etc.

•· Take inventory of your wrapping paper and gift tags. Begin purchasing additional supplies such as tape, pens, tissue, gift bags, etc.

•· Begin purchasing small stocking stuffers.

•· If you'll be guests lodging at your house for the holidays, begin now to stock up on toiletries such as toilet paper, shampoos, nice towels, etc. Begin cleaning out spare bedrooms and tidying clutter you'd be embarrassed for them to notice.

•· If you're traveling out of town, begin locating suitcases and making a list of items to take. Car rentals, plane tickets, etc. should all be done as early as possible.

•· If you're taking your own vehicle, begin having your vehicle serviced such as having your tires rotated, the oil and air filters changed, check the belts, wipers and fluids.

•· Go through your wardrobe and make charitable donations of any unwanted items and make room for new clothes. Take inventory of seasonal clothing.

Use Your Resources

The easiest way to make your Christmas more organized is to rely our your resources. Check out the great links and resources here and Google "Christmas planning" yourself and utilize all the free lists and tools available to you. Keep a notebook of your notes, lists, recipes, etc. It can be used year after year and with each year you'll become more and more organized.


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