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Angel Christmas Ornaments

Updated on November 24, 2014

Angel Christmas Ornaments Bring Grace to the Tree

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that is loved by all. It is a time to celebrate family and friendships. One of the most beloved aspects of Christmas is the tree. Decorating a tree is something that is special. People take a lot of time and concern while decorating for the Christmas season. Many people decorate with Angel ornaments because they bring beauty and grace as well as light and hope for a wonderful holiday season.

Finding the Right Angels

Shopping for Angel Christmas Ornaments can be overwhelming. This is why we are here to help you find some of the most beautiful and popular of them all. Angel ornaments are always popular and tend to put a smile on someone's face. This makes them a great choice for decorating the tree as well as table tops during the Christmas season. For your convenience we have located several of the most popular ornaments to make it easy to get a jump start on shopping for your holiday ornaments.

Willow Tree Angels Bring Sentiment to Any Setting

One of the most popular types of Angel ornaments right now are the Willow Tree Angels. These Angels are creatively carved by Susan Lordi who sure knows how to bring sentiments to life in her carvings. The Embrace Angel ornament is a fine example. It offers a symbol of love, a reason for embrace, and pure hope for healing. Standing 5” tall and ready to bring tender emotions to the home, this carved Willow Tree ornament is an Angel that is perfect for display during all seasons.

Developing a Love for Shimmering Angels

Just one look at this Shimmering Christmas Angel ornament and it is easy to see why it comes so highly recommended. With a five star rating from consumers this Angel has delighted many people. Crafted with the utmost care this silver and ivory Angel measures 4.25" long and 3" wide and is a real and rare beauty. She is adorned with rhinestones and has a shimmering glow that will brighten the room. One thing that makes this Angel special is that she comes in a beautiful silver box with a gift tag. She is definitely the perfect gift for Angel lovers and looks superb on any Christmas tree.

A Unique Type of Angel

When seeking something unique to add to the tree this year you will love the collection of ornaments by Jim Shore. For all lighthouse and coast lovers Jim Shore and Enesco has the perfect Angel. Standing a whopping 4.5” tall the Coastal Angel is quite a sensation. Gently holding a sailboat and girded with lighthouse and coastal designs, no lover of the sea can refuse this beauty. The high quality of this intricately hand crafted Angel with hand painted designs surpasses most others. It is easy to get lost in the scenery when glancing at this Coastal Angel. This Angel is the perfect gift for that certain someone who has a passion for the sea.

Displaying the True Reason for the Season

When taking a close look at the Jim Shore Angel ornaments it is unfair to not share the Nativity Angel. This elegant Angel proudly cradles the star that represents the reason for the season in her hands. Being 10.5” tall gives her a lot more room to boast a highly detailed hand painted nativity scene. While there are plenty of beautiful Angels to consider adding to your holiday decorations, this one is a must have for all. The skirt of this Angel brings the true meaning of Christmas and spirituality to life. This high quality handcrafted Angel is sure to bring delight and will definitely become a favored ornament in nearly every home. What better way to show the tender birth of such an important and precious babe?

Bringing Nature and Angels to the Tree

One way to bring a touch of nature to the tree is with a beautiful hand cut Jordanian Angel Christmas Ornament. Being hand crafted from the finest cut of an Olive tree from Jordan this angel is a true gem. This ornament shows natural pigments and ornamental wood grains. There is something special about this Angel that touches the hearts of all who see her. Each Angel will be different in color and wood grain hues due to being a natural product. This 7” Angel blowing her horn is carefully assembled and approved for quality by a Jordanian woman. Purchasing this Angel can be done with gratification knowing it provided a Jordanian woman with a job to provide for her family. Get your own Jordanian Olive tree Angel ornament and bring a touch of nature and life to the tree this year.

Adding a Touch of Class with Brass Angels

No tree would be totally complete without a carved brass Angel. Though there are several varieties available, a favored one tends to be the brass Angel playing the harp. This particular Angel and Harp Ornament for the Christmas tree is carved from a brass plate and adds a touch of class to the tree. Being extremely affordable makes this Angel available to any budget. This makes it easy to collect a variety of these music inspired brass Angels in different poses such as the playing the horn, the violin, and the lyre. If a member of the family or friend is deeply involved with classical music, these Angels would make a perfect gift for them. Find the Angel playing the harp ornament and the other musical Angel Christmas Ornaments.

Let’s Not Forget the Tree Topper

Though we have given you plenty of options for decorating the tree with Angels, there is one that you absolutely must have to make the tree complete. This particular Angel rests upon the tip of the tree and makes the entire tree light up. With the Victorian styled Angel created by Kurt Adler, it is easy to bring a touch of the past to life. The Angel we have in mind is 16” tall and has a lifelike look to her. Wearing a beautiful dress with roses and having long perky lifelike curls, this Angel is one that will be treasured for years. This Angel has 10 lights to accent her white feathered wings. She has a soft pink headpiece and proudly holds two candles to light the way.

Christmas is Just Not Christmas without Angels

When considering traditions it is easy to say that the Christmas season decorations are not complete without an Angel or two, or more. Angels are celestial beings that so many people admire and even collect. The several Angel Christmas Ornaments suggested above help to capture the essence of Christmas. Available in many styles and price ranges, there is an Angel for everyone. Whether buying as a gift for someone special, or as a future family heirloom Angels are a keepsake that never grows old.


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