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Another New Year, Same Resolution

Updated on January 30, 2021

Here We Go Again

Yes, it's that time of year. Christmas is over and of course the pounds packed on when you weren't looking. The chocolate fudge was amazing! So were the Christmas cookies and cakes. Those cold cuts were delicious! Love ham and cheese on little rolls, but of course because those rolls are so little, might as well have about 10 of them! Don't know how I'm gonna make it to the gym...I can't move!

So now that I can't move, because my stomach is too heavy to be carrying around, I have no choice but to make dieting my New Year's Resolution...Again.

I do this to myself every year. Don't know why. I know I will have to pay the price for all the holiday goodies I devoured. But because I have to do it again, I just will. I always knew anger was a great motivator and now I'm so mad at myself, I know I will win this battle of the buldge. Ok, I admit it. It's no longer a buldge, it's beyond that.

Diet War

So, now that I've resigned my self to losing weight as my New Year's resolution, I have a choice to make. I need to go on a diet. I can either go back on the Atkins Diet, which I actually did really well on last year, or I can do as my son suggests, and count my calories. I'm not sure which is more difficult. On the Atkins diet, I miss my potatoes, corn and fruit. Counting calories, well who can actually eat just one cup of cereal for breakfast?? I feel as if I'd be starving. Yet, I see the massive success that my son had doing this (Oh he makes me proud!),

Of course, then there is the choice to just try to eat better than I always have. I'm a food addict. I'm not crazy about cooking, but I do love to bake. I will miss this. I'm wondering if I can just try to eat more healthy food and use portion control. I just figure with the way I usually eat, any of these things would be better. I suppose not hiding my chocolate would help too. How sad is that? I live alone and still hide the goodies. I need to stop obsessing and stop buying things that are not good for me.


YMCA Has What I Need


It's Good For The Heart

If dieting isn't difficult enough, you have to add in exercise. I don't know why this is so hard. I remember going to the gym earlier in the year (yep, same time last year, because it was the same resolution), and I loved how I felt whenever I would leave there. I guess it's good to keep this memory in mind, maybe it will help me get back there. Once you get on the machine and see your heart rate moving up, it's a great feeling. You feel your heart beating stronger and you get that adrenaline rush. Feels great and its good for the heart. Keep doing it day after day and you see the pounds slipping away. That is of course you are sticking to the diet you chose and aren't hiding any chocolate in the bedside nightstand.

Personally, I love the YMCA for my gym. They are extremely expensive, but they have financial assistance if you need help. They have absolutely everything! I'm lucky that my YMCA has two pools, all my cardio equipment, everything I need for strength training and endurance, an indoor track and an outdoor track. They also have programs such a Zumba classes and cycling. After your workout, you can take a hot steam bath or sauna. It's just a great atmosphere that is for total well being..both mind and body.

I'm Worth It

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning. I liked what I saw and I didn't. I like my inside, but not my outside. I've decided that I have the power to change the outside and that's what I'm going to do. My mom has a magnet on her fridge that says, "I ate my will power". I always found that amusing until I realized it was true. I eat my will power right before my Hershey Bar. No more. I've decided that I want to be healthy again. I don't want to be embarrassed when I step on the scale at the doctor's office. Yes, it's another new year, with the same resolution as always, but I'm worth it, so I will do it.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for keeping my will power or a workable diet, please by all means leave a comment. And not to mention, misery loves company, so if any one would like to join me on my quest for health and slimmness, well hey, just drop me a line :) You are worth it too!

Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year to all!


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