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Around the World Costume Ideas from History and Fiction

Updated on October 6, 2014

Ideas for Around the World Costumes

Finding a creative costume can sometimes be frustrating and difficult. There are countless options. If you are looking for a diverse or unique costume you might consider a themed, around the world costume. These costumes are widely available, in both quality costumes and cheaply-made and unattractive ones. The best costumes will be creative, affordable, and versatile. If you have plans to attend a Halloween or costume party, a costume that is interesting and well-made can make you the hit of the party.

If you are looking for a costume that represents a culture from around the world or a national group, consider looking for costumes of famous national leaders or literary or film figures. Costumes that are recognizable to many people are also more ideal as you likely want your costume to be entertaining or enjoyable to others. Similarly, you may be interested in a costume that is comfortable to wear, allowing you to move comfortably while also closely resembling your chosen figure. Whether you are looking for a costume that is a specific or character or representative of a particular or iconic idea, there are numerous options that may prove perfect for you or the event you are attending. The selections below are all available on Amazon, highly-rated with four or five stars and will offer choices for functionality, durability, and value.

Queen Elizabeth Adult Costume

Fun World Costumes offers a costume that would be an excellent choice if you wanted to dress as a famous figure from British culture. The company's "Fun World Elizabethan Queen Adult" is a perfect woman's costume, resembling the iconic Queen Elizabeth. This around the world costume selection features a bold, burgundy velvet gown, representative of the famous queen's attire. The gown also features gold accents and a wire hoop slip, making the costume look authentic but comfortable for you. It also comes with a large, raised collar and crown headpiece so that you look even more like the Queen. It is priced at about $62 and comes in multiple sizes, proving it an affordable, versatile option, as you could further accessorize your costume according to your preferences. If you are interested in a men's costume that is similar, several king's costumes are available on Amazon in similar styles.

Caesar, Emperor Of Rome Costume

Another around the world costume idea is the infamous Caesar, representative of Roman culture. Forum offers "Forum Caesar Emperor Of Rome Costume," a men's costume that is both creative and comfortable. It features a white robe with red shoulder drape, golden belt, and a gold classic Roman headpiece. This costume is not only comfortable, but also versatile, as you can add shoes, a costume sword, or other available accessories from the same company on Amazon. It is also affordable, priced at only $25 for this extremely fun, but classic costume. A woman interested in a similar costume could dress as a Roman empress or the Roman goddess, Athena.

Cleopatra Adult Costume

Palamon sells a classy, elegant around the world costume."Palamon - Cleopatra Adult Costume" captures the classic, Hollywood image of Egyptian icon, Cleopatra. This costume consists of a white dress, blue, caped accents, and golden, jewelled waist, neck, and headpieces. It also features golden cuffs that connect to the cape, further accenting your costume. You can further accessorize and embellish the costume. Considering the high quality of the costume, it is priced moderately, at $29 to $58, depending on size. This costume is perfect for costume parties or functions that may be more formal. There are men's costumes that correspond well with this piece, such as costumes that resemble Pharaohs or King Tut.

Zorro Adult Costume

Another around the world costume that is not only recognizable, but creative is the "Deluxe Zorro Adult Costume" available by Rubie's Costume Co. This costume is extremely well-made and durable. It features a sleek black shirt and pants set, long black cape, black mask, and customized-to-character belt and hat. You can embellish this costume with a Zorro-themed sword, with the same markings as the belt and hat, or black boots at extra cost. This high-quality and versatile costume is priced at $46 to $62, depending on size. This Zorro costume is also comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your time without worry or stress. A senorita-style costume would correspond nicely with this set, should women also be interested in this theme.

Choose the Costume that Suits You

All of these options are well-rated on Amazon. If you are looking for creative and diverse costume selections, these choices may be good for you. They may also lead you to a more appropriate costume according to your needs and taste.


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