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Awesome Things To Do On New Years Eve In U.S. Cities

Updated on December 31, 2013

As the year 2013 is coming to an end, it is important to look back and be grateful for the year. It is obvious that as the end comes to a close the pressure is building up on how and where one will usher in the New Year. If over the years you have been faced with the same dilemma year after year of how to celebrate the year that is coming to a close and ushering a new year. This year let things be different because there are countless awesome things that you can participate in especially if you are living in the U.S.A. Different cities have different awesome things that you and your friends or family can participate in. Below is a list of the top places where party will be happening

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New York

If there is a city in the world that will guarantee you a hundred percent fun, it’s New York. The city will jam packed with activities to prepare you as you usher in 2014.

  • Cielo New York; is the first place that you may decide to consider. If you are a music lover, this is the place to be. The club will be hosting its New Year’s Eve bash on December 31, 2013. You will be entertained with the latest music with Dj Spen and Karizma of the Baltimore Djs on the decks. If you will the tickets early you will get them at a discount.
  • Webster Hall; they will be hosting the wildest New Year’s Eve party. There will be a drop of the largest balloon before the countdown. There will also be a variety of music being played throughout the evening. If you don’t have plans, make yourself available in Webster hall.
  • Times square; this is the best place to be this year as there will be plenty of action as always. You will get to experience an amazing balloon drop a few minutes before midnight. There will be a display of fireworks with many color effects. However, if you want to enjoy this you will have to go as early as possible to Times Square as many people go to there. Times Square give you the ultimate experience as you usher 2014


Experiencing a new place and unknown region to you, gives you the opportunity to experience other people’s culture. Just like mentioned above, every city has its own tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve. Houston one of those cities, it offers you a wide range of activities for you to participate in.

  • Free Press; this is a place for the wild at heart. In Free press only adults are allowed that is18 and over persons. You will be entertained with the likes of big Freedia, George Clinton etc. If your family is far and you will be alone, this is the place to be as you will experience a night to remember

Discovery Green; this place will host the biggest party yet. The party will be free of charge and there will be a performance from a yet to be announced artist.

New Orleans

This is a place that you will find parties all year round and New Year’s will not be any exception as there will be numerous of location that you will get to experience. From music to fine cuisine and fireworks, New Orleans promises to give you an opportunity to usher in 2014 in style. The theme of this year’s end year party in New Orleans will be French inspired and you will not want to miss.

  • Jackson Square; this is where people will converge and experience a display of fireworks. The fireworks are displayed to mark the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. The New Year will also be symbolized by the drop of a model that looks like a baby.
  • Bourne Street; this is where the party will be at. This street offers a wide range of bars and restaurant and it will not be difficult for you to get one that is suitable for you. Some of the great bars that you can hope to visit will be the old Absinthe House.
  • The Westin New Orleans; this is the part where the countdown will be done in style.

For the music lover, this year the local band Dumpstaphunk will be performing for you at the Howlin’ wolf.

Miami Florida

Miami is well known for its beaches and clubs but is also known for hosting crazy parties. This year will not be any different. You will get to experience the wildest parties yet.

  • Nikki Beach; is a host of the world famous clubs. There will be a party hosted in one of the clubs Marrakech. The party will start early in advance and it will go all the way in to January 1st 2014. There will be a display of fireworks and also great music.


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    • Maira818 profile image

      Maira818 3 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      poetryman, thanks so much, glad you like it :D

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      That first design is beautiful. I have heard some odd things about Times Square. Like imagine having to stand some place for 12 hours. And when people have to go, there's no place to go so they...

    • Maira818 profile image

      Maira818 3 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      WiccanSage. I think Disney World on New Year's Eve would be memorable, and awesome experience to remember a lifetime. Thank you for commenting!

    • Maira818 profile image

      Maira818 3 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      Suhail, Times Square is so popular on NYE. Thanks :)

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      I'm living vicariously through your article. I was lucky enough to grow up in NYC, which is quite an experience, particularly around holidays like New Years. I've become something of a quiet homebody on New Year's Eve in the last decade but some of these sound like such exciting trips. I've gone to Disney World a couple times, it's pretty great there too. I wouldn't mind trying New Orleans some day. Great hub, Happy New Year!

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 3 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      NYC will always be # 1 for me. During my 5 years in that city as a student, I saw all 5 new year evening fireworks. Truly an awesome experience for me that was.

      Thank you for sharing an article in a timely manner.