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BAH HUMBUG!!! An Adventure On The Dark Side

Updated on December 31, 2009

A Walk On The Dark Side



T'was the night before Christmas

When all thru the house,

Bitter cold permeated ...

Alone ... with no spouse.

My stockings are frozen ...

The drier is broke.

St. Nick visiting me?

Yeah, RIGHT! What a joke!!!

The children are grown

And off doing their thing ...

Good fortune and love ...

I pray this New Year brings!

Out back in the yard

The dogs started barking.

I looked out to see

There were strangers there talking.

Invading my space

These men seemed to be armed

Must have thought the house empty ...

I felt such alarm!

The moon on the crest

Of the new- fallen snow,

Outlined their features

And cast an eerie glow.

Then what to my wondering

Eyes should appear

But a reddish-brown fox

With eyes widened in fear.

It came from the shadows

Naked in the moonlight ...

I knew in an instant ...

There WOULD be a fight!

The dogs barked & howled.

She bared her white fangs.

There seemed no way out

From this unruly gang.

I had to do something

As the men took aim ...

I threw up the window

And yelled, "It's a shame ...

"You're hunting a fox ...

"For it's beautiful coat ...

"As you trespass in my yard!"

They jumped when I spoke.

The fox took the cue

And darted out of sight.

Jumped over the fence

And dissappeared in the night.

"It's rabid! We saw it ...

"Foaming at the mouth!

"We'll get it! It took off

Running to the South!"

I dared not to tell them

I had seen her with pups ...


I had seen enough!

They cursed and mumbled

As they skulked out my yard ...

I've GOT to get a fence ...

But, times are so hard.

Behind in the mortgage

The furnace is off

The house is so cold ...

I KEEP a bad cough.

Out of work for months ...

ALL my money is gone

Tried hard not to sink

But, feel played like a pawn.

Went back to my bed ...

Pulling covers up tight,

So wide awake ... KNEW

This would be a long night.

Problems crowded my psyche.

I HAVE had enough!

While people just tell me,

"I NEED to get tough."

The stove heats the house ...

And it barely does that,

Embarrassed because

I sleep in a warm hat.

Depressed? Probably.

I refuse to take pills.

Don't think they're the answer

For ALL of my ills.

I should be on "Hoarders" ...

Crap filling my space ...

I feel so ashamed ...

I can't look in MY face!"

Ironic because

Others want to date me ...

They wouldn't if they

Could just see what I see.

Purposely isolate

Myself from others ...

Could NEVER tell my

Sisters and brothers.

What to do? What to do?

Won't break any laws ...

Except to myself ...

I have sooooooo many flaws.

Would anyone miss me

If I disappear?

See, they're all filled with

That fake "holiday cheer".

Many dress up in it ....

Each year at this time.

Outlandish ... it really

Should be called a crime.

Next month they'll revert back

To just who they are

Visions of phoniness

Shattered and scarred.

Sleep ... PLEASE come quickly!

Perhaps JUST for one night

Let me rest without fear ...

From many night-frights.

Tomorrow's a new day.

See? I still have hope.

I dream ... I imagine.

That's how I still cope.


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