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Baby's First Christmas Keepsake Ornament

Updated on March 27, 2011

If you, or someone you know has had a baby since Christmas 2008, then Christmas 2009 is going to be ultra special. Christmas 2009 will be Baby's First Christmas.

Proud mothers and grandmothers create and gather all sorts of remembrances and keepsakes to tuck away to one day proudly pull out and show the baby who is now no longer a baby. For some it's newspaper clippings of world events, souvenirs from places visited, or clothing worn in portraits taken along the way.

Everyone enjoys looking back and remembering that first Christmas. This Christmas keepsake is something that mothers look forward to handing down to their children to one day place on their own tree. There are so many Christmas ornaments and keepsakes to chose from.

Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas

My Children's First Christmases

Both of my children were only about 7 weeks old when they had their first Christmases. So, the memorabilia I gathered are things like little bibs and onesies that have "Baby's First Christmas" embroidered on them.

Both of them were given "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments for the Christmas tree. My son has two ornaments. One was a baby blue satin ball with a baby boy on it and the words "Baby's First Christmas 1990" inscribed above the baby. The second was a white ceramic baby bottle with blue ribbons with the same words inscribed on it. My daughter's was a wooden baby bottle that was painted pink and white with the words "Baby's First Christmas-1992" inscribed on it.

As my kids got old enough, they enjoyed the honor of hanging her own special ornaments on the tree.

Only One "First" Christmas

Just remember, the baby in your family only has one "first" Christmas. This is your one and only chance to make it a memorable event. Find the perfect keepsake that you will be cherishing year after year as they grow up.


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    • KCC Big Country profile image

      Karen Curtis 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Thank you, sukhera!

    • sukhera143 profile image

      sukhera143 8 years ago from Home

      Very nice hub.