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Backyardigans Birthday Cake - Party Theme Ideas & Supplies

Updated on May 12, 2011

Backyardigans Birthday Supplies - Amazon Deals

Backyardigans Birthday Cake - Party Supplies, Favors, Invitations, Ideas

Want to create a Backyardigans birthday cake for the next party that rolls around? You'll find cake toppers, preformed Pablo pans, and tons of ideas. A Backyardigans birthday cake will contribute to the overall theme of the party. You can choose from toppers such as images or figurines, cake pans that are shaped like a Backyardigans character or can even use cupcakes with figure toppers of all the characters. You'll also find huge deals on Backyardigans party supplies from internet wholesaler, on this page to save you money. Check out all of the ideas to make great Backyardigan cakes and unique birthday party decorations that you won't find anywhere else.

The Backyardigans In Motion Cake Topper Set

Create a beautiful cake with a topper.
Create a beautiful cake with a topper.

Pablo Backyardigan Cake Pan Sale

Backyardigans Themed Fondant Cake Video

Backyardigan Cake Topper

Buy this cake topper for your Backyardigans birthday dessert.
Buy this cake topper for your Backyardigans birthday dessert.

Backyardigans Cake - Who are the Backyardigans?

Who are the Backyardigans? For those who that do not know, the Backyardigans are a popular television animated series for children that was created in Canada and make the first appearance on television in 2004. The show features five main characters. Those characters are Pablo the penguin, Tyrone the moose, Uniqua (named after her “species”), Tasha the hippopotamus, and Austin the kangaroo. Check out the video to the right for Backyardigans cake ideas.

Backyardigans Tyrone Large Foil Balloon

Tyrone Large Foil Balloon on Sale

Backyardigans Tasha Large Foil Balloon

Backyardigans Printed Balloons

Packs of 6 Backyardigans - Balloons

Backyardigans Party Supply Ideas

Check out some of the character balloons of the Backyardigans that are found via online. Hang a few on the mailbox to let guests know where the party is. You can even give the balloons out for birthday party favors.

Set up the party using a kit that includes Backyardigan party plates, cups, napkins and even party favors for guests. Using a kit saves you time having to track down Backyardigan party supplies from different vendors.

Photo: Destini Hinkle of Flickr
Photo: Destini Hinkle of Flickr

Backyardigans Birthday Cake Idea #1

If you are not an artistic individual, then consider buying a Backyardigans birthday cake topper. Toppers are images or objects, such as figurines that come in a wide variety of styles. Buy a cake mix that suits your needs and bake it in a round or square cake pan by following the mix instructions.

Consider buying a confetti cake mix that is white cake with bits of blue, pink and other coloring through out. Confetti mix makes pretty and unique birthday cakes that contribute to the birthday theme.

Choose a vibrant color for the frosting. Good choices of coloring are neon green, aqua, purple, yellow or magenta. Allow the cake to completely cool before removing from your pan and frosting. Read over the instructions carefully on how to use the topper and place the pieces or images carefully on top of the cake. Some toppers will give a diagram for placements.

To give the Backyardigans birthday cake a prettier look, choose another coloring from the list above and create designs on the side or your cake with a piping bag with frosting. You could create waves, stars, flowers, or even spell out the birthday child’s name.

Backyardigans Birthday Cake Idea #2

If you want something different in shape than the traditional square or round cakes then consider buying a Backyardigans birthday cake pan. Cake pans are preformed to the shape and contours of one of the characters. The most popular of the cake pans Pablo the penguin. To use one of the pans, simply buy one then bake a box of cake mix by following the mix instructions. Allow the cake to cool and gently lift the cake out and place it on a cutting board.

Refer to an image of Pablo or any of the characters via online to match the exact coloring. You will need blue, yellow, white, red and orange frosting to make the Backyardigans Birthday cake authentic in looks for the Pablo character. Use this helpful link: Create Different Colors with Frosting to achieve the colors that you need if you cannot find them in stores. Icing sets can also be found online if you don't want to make your own frosting colors.

Photo: CAKES Variedades Dalila of Flickr
Photo: CAKES Variedades Dalila of Flickr

Backyardigans Birthday Cake Idea #3

The easiest route for Backyardigans birthday cake is cupcakes instead of an actual cake. You can buy cupcake images of the Backyardigans that are attached to toothpicks. Simply bake a dozen or more cupcakes by following a cake recipe for “cupcakes.”  Allow the cupcakes to cool and then frost them in bright coloring. Read the instructions to the cupcake toppers and stick them in cupcakes. Viola! 

Photos Used in this Hub

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Backyardigans Medieval Cake by CAKES Variedades Dalila of Flickr

Backyardigans Cupcakes by Destini Hinkle of Flickr

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