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Basanth Panchami 2015 - The Indian Spring Festival of Saraswati Puja

Updated on June 27, 2015
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Anamika S Jain is a Social Media Consultant and Blogger. She is passionate about topics like Alternative Health Therapies and Hindu Mantras.

Basant Panchami is also known as Vasant Panchami, Saraswati Puja and Shree Panchami. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on this day.
Basant Panchami is also known as Vasant Panchami, Saraswati Puja and Shree Panchami. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on this day.

Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja Festival 2015

Basant Panchami is a spring festival of India. This Indian Festival falls on the 5th day of the spring, on the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Magh (January or February in Gregorian calendar). This Hindu Festival is also known by names Vasanta Panchami, Sree Panchami and Saraswati Puja. The color yellow has special significance on this day. In North India especially, the yellow flowers of mustard crop in the fields makes a beautiful scene. On this day the people normally wear yellow colored clothes which symbolize spring and prosperity. They also offer yellow flowers in worship and put turmeric colored tilak on their forehead. Sweet yellow rice and yellow colored sweets like Kesar Halwa are also made on this day as offering to Gods and for consumption.

On Vasant Panchami day, Hindus worship Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and consort of Lord Brahma. She is worshiped in places of learning like schools and colleges on this day apart from temples and houses. Special Puja and rituals for the Goddess are performed on the day. Pens, notebooks and other education related items are placed in front of the Goddess to be blessed before they are used by students. It is an auspicious day for teaching children to write their first words and start their learning. Vasant Panchami day is also considered very auspicious works like marriage, construction of house, beginning of a factory, inauguration of an educational institute etc. Apart from Goddess Saraswati, Lord Vishnu and Kamadeva (the God of love) are also worshiped on this day. In some families, Brahmins are fed and ancestors are worshiped on this day too.

Kite Flying is a popular sport on this day. The sky can be seen dotted by kites of different sizes, colors and shapes on this day. People also make merry by visiting others, singing and dancing.

Saraswati Puja in India

While Saraswati Puja is celebrated in the Eastern States of India (Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and Assam) on Vasant Panchami, it is celebrated during the last 2-3 days of Navaratri in the Southern States of India.

The Initiation of Writing (known as Vidyarambham which literally means Commencement of Knowledge) is normally done on the auspicious Vijaya Dashami Day in states like Kerala and Tamilnadu. The child is made to write for the first time on the rice spread in a plate with the index finger guided by an elder of the family or a teacher.

Given below are the dates on which the Basant Panchami Festival falls in the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Basanth Panchami Festival Dates for 2012, 2013,2014, 2015 and 2016

28th January 2012.
14th February 2013
4th February 2014
24th January 2015
12th February 2016
Vasant Panchami dates

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  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Yes Cindy! It is a wonderful festival. Nature is also at its best during this festival which makes it even more enjoyable.

  • homesteadbound profile image

    Cindy Murdoch 5 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. The festivities sound like they would be so beautiful.

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    @radhikashree That's nice to hear. I had an accident yesterday and so I am stuck up at home. Thanks for the appreciation.

    @Ruchira We Indians have some awesome festivals. Thanks for the visit and appreciation!

  • Ruchira profile image

    Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

    Informative hub, anamika. It's always a delight to read about hindu festivals. thanks and voted up as interesting!

  • radhikasree profile image

    Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

    It was awesome to see goddess "Saraswathi" in front of me when I opened Hubpages. Just now only I returned from temple after our 'Gudi Padwa' Poojas. Thanks Anamika for sharing this nice hub on Saraswathi Pooja.

    Up, beautiful and awesome!