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8th March is the International Women's Day

Updated on March 6, 2013

International Women's Day


History and Theme of IWD

A dip into the past of the International Women’s Day will emerge with some interesting details regarding it. Earlier it was celebrated on different dates in various places of the world but the United Nations General Assembly declared 8th March as International Women’s Day (IWD) after 1977. Now, it is a very popular world wide event. In 2012 the UN theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) is 'Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty.'

Interpretation of the Significance of IWD

Being a woman I emotionally appreciate this event but it shatters me when I witness tragic incidents in the lives of huge number of women that which are inflicted by human beings. If there is poverty then it is not only for women but for the human beings as a whole but what about the tortures deliberately hurled upon many women of this world.

Somewhere in the world the torture upon the women is comparatively very high while in some places it is less. The point is not about high or low percentage of torture rather the matter is who gave the authority to the people to inflict such torture upon the ladies of this world. To me, IWD has no significance at large until the women of the yesteryear are not paid their due respect, if the women of tomorrows are not welcomed warmly and the ladies of today are not given a true importance. If ladies of any age group or of any era are taken for granted then 8th March looses its proper significance. Just peep into your own family and you will have a clear visual about the condition of a woman in it. A positive picture of the females of any age group is a sign of a healthy family while if your visual signifies negative impact upon all the females then it is quite obvious that the family life is definitely unhealthy. Thus, the need of the hour is to stop inhuman activities going against the women at large.

Responsible Factors

Well, do not make an assumption that the ladies are suffering only due to the men of this world. It is highly wrong to think so. Yes, a section of men is responsible but not in all the cases of sufferings meted out to the females. Many women are equally responsible. Even the educated urban ladies are torturous in many painful cases. The ladies are inflicting pain to their own gender for various personal reasons. Such as: property, authority, revenge, selfishness, hatred, and many more vices. Take into consideration the under written cases to understand the crimes which occur between a woman and another woman:

Human Trafficking

Extramarital Affairs

Domestic Violence against woman

Domestic Violence against Senior Citizens (only ladies in context)

Dowry Cases

Honour Killing

Prostitution Rackets and many more prevailing in the society

Suggestion for the Motto of IWD

The point which I have raised here is the crude realities of the society. On 8th March as the world celebrates International Women’s Day, it must have the motto of honoring each and every woman except the women who are the wrong doers. Every woman let it be of any class or section, with any financial background, educated or uneducated, home maker or professional, rural or urban deserves to be respected by the society because their contribution to the family, society, nation and world at large is immense. On the other hand, those women who are the wrong doers must be served with a severe punishment so that they never ever try to raise their head in search of selfish privilege. Even it will work as a caution for the other women too.

Women’s role in Women’s Exploitation

The families are breaking down in fragments. One of the basic reasons is the ladies in a family who are always at loggerheads. Why? It is only because, they want to prove their supremacy over another woman in the family while this can be easily handled in a very tactful manner. We all consider that women are the makers of a family but if you observe deeply you will find that women are also to be blamed for breaking a family. Kindly, do not take me otherwise. I don’t mean that each and every woman is ruining the families because there were many instances in the past as well as at present many are sacrificing a lot for the sake of the family. What we have to remember is that the ladies are also like a coin that has two sides. It is usually said that women are the greatest enemy of another women.

I would like to point out that if we delve into the deep rooted reasons behind the wrong doing by a woman we may come across another nail biting and painful life history. Sometimes we get to know their pathetic life history which turns to be a shock. Well, that’s not the case with all the women’s life history so those ladies who willingly indulge into a crime against another woman should not be forgiven. Neither they should get an opportunity to take the advantage of being a woman nor enjoy the privilege of it on the International Women’s Day.

Common Notion about Ladies

One very common notion at present is that the working women are greater than the women who are only a housewife. I firmly oppose this notion because financial contribution cannot be the only criterion of a perfect woman. A woman has to have their natural instincts such as loving, caring, patient, sacrificing, understanding qualities and much more. If these natural qualities are missing in a woman be it working or not will never be considered as a perfect woman. Thus, financial contribution is an added quality but not the most important quality for receiving respect and honor as a woman. It’s my earnest wish that all the women who sincerely and truly fulfill their each and every responsibility must enjoy the privileges on 8th March, International Women’s Day (IWD).

Inner Beauty makes Woman Beautiful

Woman and Financial Security

The present structure of a society demands the financial independence of a woman but still many women are not working due to many different types of difficulties such as lack of education, on health ground, ailing seniors at home, lack of capital, little kids at home and many other types of unavoidable circumstances. There are women who work for financial stability of her family despite all odds but there are such women too who work only to satisfy their ego and ignore the priorities of the family. I, being a woman salute them who brave all odds for the betterment of the family but those who disrespect the needs of the family, I feel, are not worthy of respect and love to be showered on them on IWD.

Woman as a Good Human Being

Just a tag of being a woman should not grant all the respect and love on International Women’s Day rather let all those women enjoy IWD who are in true sense a good human being too. Life is not a bed of roses for the maximum number of people and that’s the circumstance when the character of a human being is judged. A perfect woman will definitely survive or suppose fails to survive but will try in an honest manner to battle out all the tests of life but those who will opt for all the unfair means to face the challenges of life cannot be termed as a perfect woman.

Let us all celebrate this 8th March, International Women’s Day (IWD) as the day of the perfect women and not just for the heck of it. To establish a particular day as a very popular day in the whole world it is important that no wrong signal gets communicated. IWD must get connected with women without any discrimination of blood; caste and creed; education; bank balance; rural or urban; professional or not; work in the field, at office or from home; elderly ladies or young and so on. International Women’s Day must set an example of honouring all those women who have left an impact of goodness upon others.

What a Coincidence!

On this 8th March I would like to take an opportunity to wish ‘Happy Birthday!’ to a friend of mine. What a coincidence that her birthday falls on 8th March, International Women’s Day (IWD) and I personally feel that it’s an appropriate coincidence. A lady with genuine love for her family and people around her; always ready to put forward her best foot; working as a music teacher; very good singer; loving and helpful teacher; a professional tarot card reader and many more good traits but above all an undying willingness to battle out all the challenges of life in a justified manner. That’s what I call the perfect example of a woman on this International Women’s Day.

Let infinite number of woman make this world worth living with their genuine qualities. This 8th March let us take a pledge to free the world from the wrong kind of woman. This will help International Women’s Day to spread its wings in a right direction from one corner to another. This will establish the fact that the earth needs genuine woman.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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