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Responsible Party Hosting

Updated on October 1, 2013

Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Each year there are large numbers of accidents and fatalities caused by drunk drivers. Throughout the year, holidays and events involve adult parties serving alcoholic beverages. If you planning to host a party or event from the Forth of July, Christmas, New Year's, or St. Patrick's Day, be sure that you have a plan ahead to be sure that all guests get home safely.

The holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year's) is especially hard hit. All parties or events that involve alcohol should also include a responsible host. With some simple planning, and the proper approach, most guests will happily agree to any up-front rules.

Ask for the Keys!
Ask for the Keys!

Ask for the Keys

Family members, friends, or co-workers on your list may be people that you already know will most likely be unable to drive home. If space is available, place air mattresses on the floor if you don't mind a few of your guests staying over.

Tell guests up-front that if they plan on drinking to kindly make arrangements for transportation home. Let them know that they are asked to leave their keys at the door, if they refuse to do this be prepared to make the final decision on their staying at the party. Have a sober designated adult to be responsible for deciding who gets their keys back at the end of the night, and who needs an alternate mode of transportation.

Last Call

When serving alcoholic beverages be sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available for non drinking guests and designated drivers. Provide plenty of snacks and finger foods to keep guests from drinking on an empty stomach which can help buffer the alcohol. A sober and responsible adult should act as a bartender, some may tend to overindulge if guests are allowed to mix their own drinks.

A responsible host or hostess should limit their own drinking. It's harder to keep people under control when the person throwing the party is smashed . Punch type drinks that are served with alcohol should have a base that is non-carbonated. Carbonated drinks carry alcohol to the bloodstream quicker than non-carbonated drinks.

Stop serving all alcohol at least and hour and a half the end time of the party. Serve some high protein foods to help absorb some of the alcohol consumed. Don't serve a lot of salty foods as these tend to make people want to drink more.

If you feel that any of your guests have had too much to drink, do not give them their car keys. Offer to call a cab or a friend to drive any of your guests that have had too much to drink, but don't hand over their keys. If for any reason they can't get a ride home, and have been drinking, allow them to stay until they sober up.


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