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Beautiful Mini Christmas Trees!

Updated on October 22, 2012

Mini Christmas Trees are a great way to decorate your office, your child's bedroom, your work station, a hospital room, a classroom, or even *the* Christmas tree for single folks who don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a Big Beautiful Christmas Tree. Whatever the reason, this is a great collection of fabulous little Christmas trees that you can decorate any area of your choosing. And hey, you can never have too many table top Christmas trees, right? Right!

Snow-tipped Mini Pine Tree

This 2 foot mini Christmas tree from Vickerman would great on your dining room table as a centerpiece, or anywhere else in the home. It's elegant and beautiful. It's snow tipped and pre-lit with 20 mini lights. You could decorate it, or leave it as is, because the snow makes it look as though it's been decorated by nature.

Potted 2 ft Christmas Tree

This beautiful table top Christmas tree is already decorated and ready to go! Makes a smashing gift! It's decorated with Red Cardinals and Poinsettias. Comes in a lovely gold pot and is accented with red and gold tinsel and gold spray. Tree is already assembled, just remove from the box and set her up!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Okay, who wouldn't want this little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree? Everyone remembers feeling sorry for this poor little tree every time they see A Charlie Brown Christmas, right? So do what you've always wanted to do and give this little table top Christmas tree a good home in your living room where everyone can admire it! If you really want to be authentic, wrap a blue blankie around the base, like Linus did. Tree measure 18 inches tall and the branches are lightly snow dusted.

Worcester Pre-Lit Mini Tree

This little Xmas tree stands 28 inches tall. It's pre-lit with clear lights and is made from fresh balsam, real pinecones and fake holly berries. You can water it to keep it fresh, of course. The manufacturer does include a choking hazard warning due to small parts so do keep it away from small children. It would look lovely in any living room, kitchen, office, or anywhere else for that matter!

2ft Potted Christmas Tree

I have to say I quite like this little potted artificial Christmas tree, because I adore the decorations! It's very cheerful and embodies the Christmas spirit! I could imagine seeing this in Santa's Elves' workshop! The tree in not pre-lit, and is decorated with shatter--proof balls and other Christmas goodies. No assembly necessary, just set her up and enjoy!

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