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Best April Fools Pranks

Updated on May 14, 2013

Top 10 April Fools’ Pranks


If you’ve got a pretty-boy housemate who likes to keep his tackle tidy, replace the contents of his hair-removal gel tube with some odour-free Dencorub or Deep Heat. The initial tingle will feel like the real thing. The burn that will follow is another story... Just make sure the missus doesn’t use it!)


Squeeze a bit of wasabi paste into your mate’s toothpaste, then mix it up with a chopstick so it doesn’t look to suss on the toothbrush. He’ll be in a world of pain, and mouthwash will only make it worse.


Scan your rude bits then save that file. Rename the file of your junk to the same name as a file everyone in your office uses all the time. Extra points if it’s a Powerpoint file. Your junks the last thing your colleague wants to see plastered on a wall during a presentation. (Tip: blame the red dots on the laser pointer.)


Get yourself an el cheapo air horn from a discount shop and stick it to a mate’s chair. When they pull the chair lever to lower it an inch, they’ll unleash 50 decibels of hilarious hell


Nothing drives people to irrational anger like stinky shit in the fridge – especially when it’s actually shit. So, take a lunch bag, write the name of a colleague you hate on it, then leave a steamy number 2 in there. Everyone in the office will be furious at “Steve’s” dirty lunch protest.


For this one, you’re best off choosing a colleague who’s on the other side of the office from you. Chuck some old fish in a bag and hide it in their drawer. Then deny everything.


On almost all fridges, you’ve got the option to have the door open from either side. When you’re alone in your home or office, take advantage of this function. Leave the handle where it is, but swap the hinges so the door opens the other way. It’ll mess with peoples’ heads, especially when you calmly pull it open and take out a beer.


Put a paperclip on the photocopier, and then make 200 copies. Then, put those copies back into the machine and remove the paperclip. Idiots and self-proclaimed office heroes will tear the copier apart trying to find the non-existent clip.


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