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Best Boss's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on August 26, 2014

Happy Boss's Day

Photo by Naypong
Photo by Naypong | Source

Best Boss's Day Gift Ideas

A short list of some of the best boss's day gift ideas. Boss's day is October 16th. Are you ready?

Tips About Boss's Day

  • Check with your HR on policies regarding gift giving.
  • Give a gift alone; or chip in with your coworkers.
  • Have an office "Boss's Day" party with a cake.
  • Bring your boss's favorite desserts.
  • Include a boss's day greeting card.

How to Give Boss's Day Gifts

Boss's Day Greeting Card or Gift Card E-mail

With your gift, include a sincere greeting card like the one above, which says, "Thank you for being a Great Boss". The second line of the card says, "A great boss lays the foundation for employees to discover their own greatness". Did you forget boss's day? Then, opt for the customizable "Happy Boss's Day" gift card E-mail by Amazon (to the right). Amazon gift cards never expire and carry no fees! Plus they are redeemable for millions of items storewide! Not sure what your boss likes? Let your boss pick his own gift out! He will certainly appreciate that!

Laser Projection Keyboard


Laser Projection Keyboard

This may be one of the coolest boss's day gift ideas ever! This is the future of office gadgets: the Laser Projection Keyboard. The device itself fits right in your pocket; with Bluetooth capability your boss can project his keyboard onto the desk surface with the capability of turning any flat space into a workspace. The motion-sense lasers also double as a mouse, detecting your hand movement as you click, double-click, or scroll on your big shiny tablet. Any boss would love to receive this gift.

Customizable Bobble Head

Send your boss a fully customized clay sculpture bobble head which is created from their photo. The figure is designed from head to toe based on your boss's photos. Use the bobble head to decorate the office cake as a cake topper. Afterwards, your boss can save it on his desk as a decoration. This gift is sure to get a smile or laugh out of your boss.

Whole Bottle Wine Glass


Whole Bottle Wine Glass

Get your boss a wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine. If your boss limits herself to "just one glass" of wine to relax, she better make it this glass! Now, she will be telling the truth when she says, "I only had one glass", with this whole bottle wine glass! It's a wine lover's dream come true. Decorate the glass with your boss's name and a short sassy quote or humorous greeting.

Personalized Mouse Pad

When you purchase the mousepad, you should get an E-mail requesting the picture to use to customize your boss's mouse pad. Include how you want to resize the photo; whether stretching one dimension is okay, or if you'd rather have a border along the edges to keep the picture's dimensions accurate, and if a border is needed, what color it should be. Your boss is sure to love this practical gift.

Exotic Dinner Kit

Put everything that your boss needs to have an exotic dinner. You can purchase a basket that is already assembled, like the one to the right, or make your own. Your boss will appreciate the effort that you put into this gift. Find out ahead of time if he or she has any food preferences or allergies. To assemble your own basket, go shopping for fresh ingredients (with one exotic dinner theme in mind) and arrange them in a basket.

Money Tree


Money Tree

Money Tree

The money tree, also known as the pachira plant, is a symbol of good fortune. The legend tells a story of an industrious farmer who prospered from braiding the young trunks of this beautiful green plant. And indeed, the unusual trunk gives this lush green ornamental its unique appeal. Each stem typically features five to seven leaves along one stem creating a delightful mini-umbrella shape--but it's deemed good luck to discover seven leaves on any stem! This easy-care bonsai is the perfect choice for the novice. And, offers the boss your hope for luck and prosperity.

To send a money tree directly to your boss from 1800flowers, CLICK HERE.

Money Tree Care


Give your boss a customized T-shirt or one like the "Boss Lady" t-shirt to the right. All hail the boss lady. Your boss is the Queen Bee and the law. With this garment your boss can show undeniable and absolute authority. These fun printed garments are a great personal touch for your boss! Available in many different colors.

The Office DVD

What is more appropriate than giving your boss a humorous season of "The Office"? It's only one of the best comedies on TV portraying a comically honest look at the world of white-collar employment! Your boss will love the DVD because it includes excellent bonus features, including the fake PSAs, commentaries, webisodes, and deleted scenes.

"Top Ten Bosses" Coffee Mug


Humorous Coffee Mugs

Every boss needs a humorous coffee mug. This is certainly a gift that any coffee loving boss would love. A great Bosses Day gift sure to be well received and used every day. Meetings will be a lot more fun with a Boss Mug. The "I Am The Boss" is a safe choice (to the right). Or pick up the most popular coffee mug by GiftsForYouNow which lists the top ten bosses with the option to put YOUR BOSSES NAME at the first spot.

Get the "Top Ten Bosses" Coffee Mug (above) by CLICKING HERE.

Comments please...

What was the greatest boss's day gift that you ever gave or received?

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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 3 years ago from Central Florida

      As many years as I was in the work force, I never heard of Boss' Day!

    • Melinda Longoria profile image

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 3 years ago from Garland, Texas

      Cerrainly Billybuc! ;-) I love that idea.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Since I'm my own boss, I should be able to buy myself one of these, right? :)