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Best Children's Toys for Gifting This Christmas

Updated on December 6, 2014

If you have kids of your own or are fortunate to have nieces and nephews you must want to spoil them come Christmas. Children love Christmas gifts! You can gift them the latest toys as presents. Picking up toys for children is no mean task, as there are new trends in the toy market each year. So what is trending this holiday season - Here are a few hot picks that are trending this year. You may want to shortlist a couple of these to give away as gifts. These toys are definitely going to have children jumping with joy, as they unwrap their presents.

Fairy tale inspired dolls

Dolls are any little girl's best friend. Toy stores have a 'new friend' on display that you can pick to gift to your niece or best friend's daughter. 'Ever After High dolls' have a fantasy element. Inspired by the fairytale fantasy, these dolls top every little girl's favorite list. Mattel has created a whole new series of Ever After High dolls based on the fairy tale characters.

The dolls are pretty much like the 'Monster High' dolls, but these have a more human like body . You can create a nice gift pack, as there are a host of accessories that you can pick from for these dolls. There is a choice of apparel, jewelry and diaries to complement these dolls. The dolls can be bought in three sizes and rounded faces.

You have a choice of three sizes to select from. Each doll comes with a story booklet, that is designed to enhance the entire experience of roll playing.

There is also a bunch of clothing and accessories on sale - jewelry, diaries and clothes. A Tee or a pair of leggings with graphic prints make an ideal gifting solution.

You also have the “Flutterbye Pink Flying Flower Fairy Doll” that makes a nice present. These dolls run on battery. These are winged plastic dolls dressed in like fairies. They come with a launcher, which when activated makes the dolls pivot in mid air while flapping their wings. A nice gift to keep kids engaged.

Flutterbye Pink Flying Flower Fairy Doll
Flutterbye Pink Flying Flower Fairy Doll

Interactive Toys

How about an interactive toy? 'Big Hugs Elmo' is just the kind of toy every kid will love. It is cuddly, it is cute and what's more it returns a hug when embraced. It makes a great toy for your kid to bond with and develop interpersonal skills.

These battery operated cuddly toys return a hug when embraced. The toy sings a lullaby and makes cute sleeping sounds when it is put down to sleep. It also has a playlist of three songs and children can spend hours listening and singing along.

The Big hugs Elmo is designed to keep children occupied with its range of imagination activities. These include frogs, rabbits, horses and astronauts.

'Furby Boom figure' is another such interactive toy. It comes in different patterns such as waves, zig-zag stripes and polka dots. What makes the Furby Boom toy stand apart from other toys is that it has a mind of its own which expands the more it is played with.

It is a nice toy that will help develop your child's cognitive skills. The toy is responsive and reacts when it is fed, petted or its belly tickled. It also goes to sleep if its tail is pulled.

Board games make a comeback

The market is flooded with many board games that we loved as children. The new range of the old and popular board games come with a few changes. The latest version of the board game Monopoly to hit the stores is called Monopoly Empire. And rightly so - in this version players can build their own 'empires' as the game progresses. It is an interesting twist to the older version - the aim of the players is to build the tallest billboard tower by trading international brands. If you must know the game features twenty two high end brands, six of these twenty two brands can be used as tokens.

This list is sure to help you find a toy for children of different age groups.

© 2013 Juana


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