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Best Gifts For Whisky Lovers

Updated on June 14, 2014

Choosing A Gift For A Whisky Lover

Choosing a gift for a whisky lover is pretty easy right? Just get them a bottle of whisky. They'll love it - and they'll thank you for it.

In all honesty, it's not a bad choice. A whisky aficionado can never get enough whisky.

There are so many different types, from all over the world (although a Scottish single malt is definitely the best), that you can almost certainly find a new and interesting whisky for even the most experienced whisky buff.

However, if you feel the need to branch out a little, there are plenty of whisky related gifts that you could choose - all of which will be gratefully received. Let's take a look at just a few of the best gifts for whisky lovers.

Give A Whisky Decanter As A Gift

A whisky decanter, possibly with matching glasses, will be a welcome gift for any whisky lover. The exact style will vary according to personal taste.

For myself, I like a crystal decanter and glass with a plain, uncluttered design. That lets the color of the whisky show through clearly, which is all the decoration that I feel is necessary. Others will prefer something a little more ornate - each to his own.

Whatever style you select, a whisky decanter will be a gift that is much appreciated and which will be gratefully received.

Whisky Stones

Many whisky drinkers like to cool their whisky by putting ice in it. The trouble is that, as the ice melts, the whisky becomes diluted - which can, for some palates, spoil the taste somewhat.

A good solution is to use "whisky stones". These are cubes of soapstone which, if left in the freezer for a few hours, will go as cold as ice.

Put 3 whisky stones in a glass of whisky and it will cool it down just as ice would. You should probably wait about 5 minutes after putting the stones in for the drink to be properly chilled. There will be no problem with the drink becoming diluted as, unlike ice, the whisky stones will not melt.

Soapstone is non-porous - so it won't absorb flavors or aroma, which means that it won't taint or impair the flavor of your whisky in any way.

It is also a relatively soft stone. That means that it won't scratch, chip or mark your crystal whisky glasses.

A Good Read

Whisky lovers enjoy discussing and reading about whisky almost as much as they enjoy drinking it.

When you consider the vast number of different whiskies available worldwide, it would be almost impossible for one individual to try them all. Scotland, for example, has around 125 active distilleries. Most of these produce several different variations of malt whisky - and the number of whiskies available will be further increased when you also take blended whiskies into account.

So, given that it's not possible for any one person to sample all of the whiskies available, a little light reading seems like a good idea. Whisky lovers can study the form, so to speak, and decide which whisky they might like to experience next.

Sporran Flask

Whisky Flasks

Whisky flasks are always a popular gift choice. They are, rather obviously, very handy for carrying whisky with you when you're out and about. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

The round ones are generally referred to as "sporran flasks" - for the simple reason that their round shape is specifically designed to fit snugly inside a sporran. However, if your whisky lover doesn't happen to be wearing a sporran, sporran flasks can just as easily be slipped into a pocket or a bag.

The other popular shape is the "hip flask". This normally has a very slight curve on it so that it will conform to the shape of your body and won't dig in.

Either type of flask will be gratefully received by any whisky lover.

If you want, you can personalize most whisky flasks with initials, or even a short message. It really is a very good gift option for whisky lovers.

Whisky Glasses

Some whisky lovers can be quite fussy about drinking their whisky from a nice crystal whisky tumbler. A good alternative, and one which whisky lovers will find both useful and interesting, is a specially designed "nosing glass".

This has a special tulip shape as shown on the right. The idea is that the shape of the glass channels the whisky's aroma towards the tasters nose, so that they can better savor the bouquet before actually tasting their tipple.

Some of these glasses are provided with a "watch glass". This is just a flat glass disc which is placed over the top of the nosing glass, usually for five minutes or so, to retain the aroma and concentrate it so that the taster will be able to identify all the various smells more easily.

It's an interesting gift, which, although once the preserve of whisky distillers and wine merchants, is becoming ever more popular with whisky lovers.

Some Whisky Myths Dispelled


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      Thanks for the suggestions some great ideas there. Wouldn't mind a few of those myself!