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Best Halloween Costumes for Adults 2010

Updated on September 30, 2010

Dressing up in a costume for Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore! Whether you are going to a party or taking your kids trick-or-treating, finding the perfect costume for yourself can make your Halloween much more fun. The trick to choosing a costume is selecting one that fits your interests and personality. Here are the best costumes for adults for Halloween 2010!

·      Snow White. With her yellow skirt, blue bodice, and red headband, Snow White makes a great costume. You can also carry around an apple, or partner with a friend to go as Snow White and the witch!

·      Pirate. Pirate costumes have always been popular, but are even more popular now that Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series has hit the big screen. Always wanted to wear big hoop earrings, tall boots, and skull and crossbones attire? Here is your chance!

·      Scooby Doo. This lovable dog and his gang have surged in popularity in recent years. You can dress up as Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, or any of the rest of the gang this Halloween. These characters also offer a great opportunity to coordinate costumes with friends or family.

·      Burger King. The Burger King king has been appearing more regularly on the fast food restaurant’s commercials and has become the center of many pop culture jokes in recent years. Dress up as the Burger King king, complete with crown and plastic face!

·      Family Guy. Dress up as an adult-sized Stewie for Halloween! The red overalls and football-shaped head are sure to grab people’s attention. If you can master Stewie’s voice, the effect will be more comical.

·      Crayons. Crayons are a great costume for groups of people, and these costumes can be bought from a Halloween shop or easily made with colored poster board and a black magic marker. Make sure to wear a colored cone as a hat!

·      Clash of the Titans. Commemorate the recent film by dressing as a character from Clash of the Titans. A Hades costume will be an eye catcher (and warm for a chilly night, with all that hair!), or a Calibos mask can be quite frightening for your party! Be sure to bring your sword and shield.

·      Pharaoh. Ancient Egypt has long captured people’s imaginations, so dress up as a pharaoh, complete with headpiece and staff. Egyptian royalty can make great costumes for couples, and even your family dog can get in on the act as a sphinx!

Image Credit: Juliana Coutinho, Flickr


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