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Best Happy Birthday SMS Collection for Wife

Updated on November 27, 2015
Happy Birthday Wife Card
Happy Birthday Wife Card

SMS to Wish on Your Wife's Birthday

A good birthday text message for your wife must reflect your love for her. A good husband should remember the day. Forgetting your wife’s birthday is not an option.

So, like a good and dutiful husband, do not forget to wish her on that day. Write down the date on your notebook or mobile phone. You can also set a date reminder on your phone.

Anyway, I am here with some original SMS messages composed to wish your wife on her birthday. Select the message you like and send it to her via your phone.

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5 SMS for Your Wife

  1. One touch is enough to show love and care, a wife like you is enough to make life worth living. My dear, I wish you a happy birthday!
  2. The flower said it to the fragrance,fragrance told it to the wind,wind told it to me, I am telling it to you,Happy Birthday to you!
  3. Some people like the Christmas day, some simply like a Sunday, but the day I like most is my dear wife’s birthday.
  4. Before saying anything about how much I love you or care for you, I am just going to say that I do not forget your birthday and never will be.
  5. The sky we share between us is not divided, but it is a single whole for both of us, I wish the happiest birthday for you my love!

Birthday SMS
Birthday SMS

4 Cool Birthday Text Messages for Wife

  1. You are the woman who taught me to fly high above the meanness of day to day life; you are the person who let me know my own worth; you are the wife which a man dreams for ever. I wish a happy birthday for you, my loving wife! (226 characters)
  2. I am wishing you a super cool birthday for you. May all your dreams come true and all the coming years bring much more happiness to you. (136 characters)
  3. You were a fairy to my eyes when I first saw you. You are an angel for me since when we have been married. I hope a superb birthday to you! (145 characters)
  4. All the fragrance of the sweetest flowers of May, all the honey from the wild flowers of Asia Minor may fill your heart with pleasant happiness. (Letter Count:145)

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Three More

1) I have many pleasant memories from the days of my childhood, but I cannot compare any memory with the best moments of my life; first meeting with you and the day of our marriage. Enjoy this special day, my dear wife! (208 characters)

2) It is almost impossible to remember your birthday, my dear wife, when you never looked a day older than the earlier years! Anyway, I have remembered it and so sending you this SMS wishing you a happy birthday! (209 characters)

3) I can’t still believe it real,

That is how I do feel,

After getting you my wife,

I have known how to live,

And now I’m going to say:

My dear, happy birthday! (152 characters)

Funny SMS for Wife's Birthday

  1. You always say that I am a liar and you are right. You are a very good wife !
  2. Today is your birthday and so, for the sake of this special day I am declaring that my mother-in-law is, after all, not that bad !
  3. Let us celebrate the day in which the woman came into the world who was destined to torment me till death !
  4. For the first time after our marriage I have remembered your birthday without any external aids! Congratulations to me and happy birthday to you !
  5. A year more and then people will mistake you as my elder sister. So, enjoy your day while it lasts.

Here are Some More

  1. You are the most amazing and incredible thing which happened to my life. I love you so much that I can’t express it in words. What I am going to say is: Happy Birthday Darling! (160 characters)
  2. You are my life’s most important part,/ You make me fresh everyday / And I love you sweet heart, / Wish you a happy birthday! (117 characters)
  3. Thousands upon thousands words of love is not enough to describe my affection to you my dear wife. May this day brings unending happiness for you. (153 letters)
  4. Divide 22 with 7 and you will get infinite and non-repeating digits. My love for you is just like that. All the best for the day. (128 characters and 26 words)
  5. Wishing you will have much better days than the year gone by. / I want to see you high above the sky.
  6. I have always wished best of the world for you. Today, I am wishing better than the best for you.
  7. Your presence beside me make all the days a celebration. So, there is nothing special to celebrate today.
  8. May the Almighty shower my dearest with health and happiness for life.
  9. World's most amazing wife is celebrating her birthday today. So, it will be a spectacular event.
  10. It is you who taught me how to love and how to take care of the family. I am indebted to you and it is true.


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