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Top 10 Tips for an Awesome Hot Tub Party

Updated on May 1, 2008

Have you ever had one of those parties where everything just goes wrong?

You forget to buy ice so everyone has warm drinks. The crab dip tastes fishy (no pun intended). Your CD player jammed, so you're stuck listening to the "Best of the 80s" CD you threw in there as a joke ALL NIGHT. Finally someone fakes food poisoning (you hope they're faking and it's not the crab dip) and everyone goes home by 9pm.

Don't let this happen at your next party! Follow these foolproof tips and have an awesome hot tub party.

10. Choose Your Guest List Wisely

There are certain friends who you know will want to get in the hot tub, and other friends you know will end up hanging out by the snack table all night. Choose your guest list according to who you think will have the most fun at your hot tub party. Also keep in mind the maximum occupancy of your hot don't want any one to literally be left out in the cold.

9. Start Heating the Hot Tub Early

Nobody wants to sit in a cold hot tub (that's why they're called HOT tubs), so to avoid an empty hot tub and bored party guests, start heating the tub early. Heating times for different spas will vary, and other factors such as how warm the air around your hot tub is will affect heating time as well. In general, for every degree you want to heat up the water, you should plan on 30 minutes of heating time. For faster heating try turning air bubbles, waterfalls and any other water features off, and leaving the cover on.

8. Provide Other Activities

Bad weather, broken lights, or crabby guests - you never know what could ruin your hot tub fun, so think of other activities JUST IN CASE you can't go in the hot tub.

7. Keep Food Light

Everybody's heard of the old rule "don't go swimming for 30 minutes after eating." Well, while you're not exactly swimming in a Jacuzzi hot tub, most guests won't want to be walking around in their swimsuits with a belly full of food -add in a raised body temperature from the hot tub and you have a recipe for discomfort. Stick to serving finger foods that are easy to eat like veggies and dip, nachos, chicken kabobs, egg rolls, etc.

6. Have a Good Selection of Drinks

Let's face it. Most of us are a little hesitant to strip down to our swimsuits as soon as they arrive at a new place. Having a good selection of alcohol and mixers gives guests more choices, and will help loosen them up a little and get them into the hot tub. Don't forget non-alcoholic choices for designated drivers!

5. Provide Extra Bathing Suits

As I said before%u2026 most people bathing suits strangers = AWKWARD. Some guests may not bring their bathing suits simply as an excuse to not have to get into the hot tub, but once they see all the fun everyone else is having will want to jump in too. Have some extra bathing suits, swim trunks, or old shirts that are okay to take in the hot tub for guests who "forgot" their swimsuits at home.

4. Have Extra Towels On Hand

You can never have enough towels! Some guests may get in and out of the hot tub multiple times, leading to damp towels that stop doing the job. Keep lots of towels on hand and stay on top of putting wet towels in the dryer. Your guests will love you for it (and so will your carpet and furniture)!

3. Buy Hot Tub Accessories

All the action is going to be centered around your hot tub, so buy fun party favors and games that are okay to bring in the Jacuzzi and get wet. Waterproof cards, floating game boards, tables and drink trays all make a hot tub party a little more fun.

2. Music is a Must

Every party needs a soundtrack. Carefully plan music for your party with all of your guests in mind and make several mixes on your iPod for different phases/moods of the party. Look into a hot tub such as the Jacuzzi J-400 Designer Collection hot tub that comes with and iPod docking station so you don't have to keep getting in and out of the hot tub to change songs.

1. Have Fun

If the host isn't having fun, guests won't have fun either. Sit back, relax and have a blast at your hot tub party. You can't foresee all possible problems, so just go with the flow. Your guests will notice your kick back attitude and follow suit.

Follow these tips (especially number 1) and you will be guaranteed to have an awesome hot tub party!


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    • Kevin Hellriegel profile image

      Kevin Hellriegel 

      22 months ago from Kent, WA

      Awesome tips to get your hot tub party going! Thanks! They are way better than my worthless tips!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      one thing you forgot!

      If the party takes place at your parents house... make sure they are out for the night...


    • profile image

      Undefeated girl 

      8 years ago

      Try leg wrestling in a hot tub. Girls verus guys is always interesting. You can do abduction, adduction or leg press style. Leg press style takes practice and it works best in a smaller tub. Also it sometimes requires a third member too hold the feet inline but it can be great fun.

    • profile image

      Marikxon Manurung 

      8 years ago

      Yeah, you will need some hot tub accessories if you want to make your bathing experience safer and enjoyable. I love this hub, thanks for posting it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      These steps are very easy and nice to follow. After following these steps it will be very simple to maintain it..


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This sounds like fun. Did you have one yet?


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