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Best Irish Drinking Songs

Updated on July 5, 2013

Drinking and singing just seem to go together in Ireland. Those two things have been at the heart of Irish social life for centuries. So it isn't really surprising that the Irish have produced some of the catchiest, most energetic drinking songs in the world.

Whether you are looking to celebrate St Patrick's day in traditional style, have an Irish wedding to plan, or you're just looking for to add fun to a party, here are some of the best Irish drinking songs....

Songs about drinkers

There are quite a few songs with celebrate the lifestyle of a man who is fond of a drink, and won't be pinned down a hard life of toil. 'Wild Rover' and the 'Irish Rover' are two of the catchiest and most well-know tunes.

Songs about drinking

'Beer, beer, beer' by the Clancy brothers is bound to get a crowd joining in. 'Seven drunken nights' is a fun song - the most-well known version is by the Dubliners. And for a hilarious warning about the after-effects you can expect the next morning, check out Christy Moore's 'Delerium Tremens'.

Songs with a drink in the title

'Whiskey in the Jar' is a magnificent song, with a chorus you can't help singing along to - though the story of the song is as much about love, betrayal and money as it is about whiskey! 'The Real Old Mountain dew' is a little more sedate. Better for the end of the evening. Or what about 'Whiskey you're the Devil' to liven things up?

Thin Lizzy play 'whiskey in the jar'

Just great Irish songs

Of course an Irish song doesn't have to be about drinking to make a good drinking song. Here are a few of our favourites on the Emerald Isle, the ones that seem to get sung after everyone's had a few 'jars' and the 'craic' is really getting started....

The Rattlin' Bog: can pretty much go to as many verses as you want to add to it!

Dirty Old Town: a celebration (kind of!) of Dublin. The Pogues have recorded the definitive version. In fact just about anything by the Pogues makes good drinking music - their frontman Shane MacGowan is surely a living example of a wild irish rover!

If you are someone who enjoys a bit of swearing and bad language, then the Dubliner's 'Bugger Off' is perfect for you.If you are easily offended, best give this one a miss :D

And finally what better end to the evening than a rousing version of 'The Parting Glass'?

The Pogues take on 'The Parting Glass'


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    • BrendyMac profile image

      BrendyMac 6 years ago

      Whiskey in the Jar and Dirty Old Town are a couple of my favourites...both timeless songs...and I loved the Dubliners version of Wild Rover!!!

    • Marie McKeown profile image

      Marie McKeown 6 years ago from Ireland

      That's a shame they don't let you sing - maybe they'll make an exception for St Paddy's day at least?!

    • profile image

      mikeq107 6 years ago


      Boy those songs bring back lots of memor`ies from my Youth in Ireland...If you sing in pubs here..they ask you to leave ,but in Ireland they all join in!!!!

      great Hub

      Mike :0)