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Best Kids Christmas Gifts

Updated on October 29, 2008


I trolled around the web to find you the best Christmas gifts for children this year! Here are a few of my favorites.

You Know You Want One!

The Rubik's Cube

If you grew up in the 80's and never quite mastered the Rubik's Cube, no worries. The Cube is back! And if you were the one who managed to get the colored squares back to the correct sides without dismantling the wretched thing, there's something for you too. Not only is there a new 4 x 4 sided cube (as opposed to the classic 3 x 3), but Rubick's has also come out with the Revolution, which offers six games of the clicking buttons variety. Not a bad low-cost alternative to expensive hand held video games.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have come down in price so far that even kids can get in on the fun. Kids love to take pictures and the best improvement over our old click and shoot cameras is that with digital cameras, children can take awful shot after awful shot. You don't get stuck with paying high developing costs for pictures that end up in the trash anyway. Many digital cameras marketed for children also come with fun virtual scrapbooking software that lets kid frame and decorate their pictures. Starting at just under $20, these cameras are now affordable. Of course if you want to spend more, you'll get more. If you want to buy a full-featured camera with Barbie on it, that's your choice.

Dare You Not to Sing Along!

Kidz Bop CDs

I know some people don't like the Kidz Bop series, but hear me out. Our kids today love pop music. They are surrounded by Hannah Montana and High School Musical. They want to listen to music. You like music too, but if you're like me sometimes what you like has let's say questionable lyrics. Kidz Bop is the perfect compromise - catchy fun music with doctored up lyrics. Oh yeah, it's sung by kids. But you'll get used to that part. Promise!

Fisher Price Smart Cycle

In case you're worried your toddler is missing out on the Wii revolution, never fear. Fisher Price has come out with a starter interactive video game. The Smart Cycle system is supposed to offer plenty of educational opportunities along the ride, but it's clear the appeal is riding on that cute little motorcycle. Hook it up to the TV and plug in any one of a selection of software that includes Barbie, Dora, and Spongebob Squarepants. At over $100, this lavish gift may be more appropriate for Grandma and Grandpa's list.

IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit

This Make kit lets kids to write and illustrate their very own book. Children create the cover and inside pages by filling in the pages with their own pictures to go with the story. They can even include an About the Author page. Then you send the whole thing off to the company and receive a full color, professionally type-set and bound book back within weeks. This is the beauty - the child gets a real book to keep. The Kit includes 18 book pages, 2 cover pages, 10 washable markers, story web planner, instructions, order form, and prepaid envelope.

My son received a kit for his birthday several years ago and still loves to bring out the book to show friends and family. This is a smart and lasting gift. At under $20 it's a ridiculous bargain.


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  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! It’s always good to give best gifts to our kids! As a mom, I would definitely give them the best and my idea are something that they can treasure.

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 

    10 years ago from Portugal

    I´ve loved this hub!

    Hate one of the comments (is it possible to erase such kind of comments?), comments are for hubs not for hubbers!

    My daughter is going to get some kids puzzles and one dvd from Ruca :)

  • trakker14 profile image


    10 years ago from franklin

    How is anyone allowed to put such nasty crap on here and not own it. and I DON"T mean your webpage, i mean that nasty comment. Your hub is great just what I needed. can you help me out here??

    thanks, if not pass it on please?

  • profile image

    10 years ago

    you suck

  • Whitney05 profile image


    10 years ago from Georgia

    Great Lela! My grandmother bought a ton of Rubik's cubes this year. She started by giving my dad one for his birthday. I have a feeling everyone's getting one this year. Ha

    I like the Fisher Price Launch Pads.

  • anrev profile image


    10 years ago

    kids would love those gifts for is also best to give gifts that would educate them....

  • profile image

    Benne the Online Marketer Expert 

    10 years ago

    Be unique... Have a surprise Christmas Birthday Party! Let it be centered around the family and share the gift of each other.

  • profile image

    Benne the Online Marketer Expert 

    10 years ago

    Be unique... Have a surprise Christmas Birthday Party! Let it be centered around the family and share the gift of each other.

  • Earth Angel profile image

    Earth Angel 

    10 years ago

    GREAT Hub Lela!! I LOVE Holiday Gifts that are unisex and do not pigeon-hole children into special roles!! GREAT list!! Thank you for sharing!! Earth Angel!!


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