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Best New Year's 2013 Travel Destinations

Updated on December 14, 2012
new year celebration, edumigue,
new year celebration, edumigue,

For those looking to embrace the New Year in great splendor and in good company there are several travel destination just custom crafted for them. If you are bored of the old and usual small town traditions or if you are simply looking for an alternative to the usual New Year's eve spent with family drinking beer and remotely watching a ball  drop from a t.v set, the good news is that there are several  travel options that will allow  you to  finally live the great celebration in first person enjoying all the ''ohhhs and ahhhss'' that come along.

Because New Year's only comes around the corner once a year, it makes perfectly sense to want to live it to the fullest for at least once in a life time. If money is not an issue, just go for it and enjoy. Life after all is only lived once. If instead you are on a strict budget go with reserving your hotel and flight early for substantial savings or look for last minute packages. Following are some of the best travel destination for New Year's Celebrations.

-New York City

Of course, the Big Apple could not be missing from the list so it deserves first place. If you have watched the New Year's celebrations from a television set, rest assured that live it is a whole different experience that cannot be compared. You will literally feel the vibe of the city just by walking by the celebrity clubs or enjoying a five star dinner. Drop by Time Square early on the 31st so to ensure yourself a spot and rejoice celebrating a New Year like no other...

-Las Vegas

Ok, everybody knows that Las Vegas is a city that loves to party all night long, basically 365 days a year, but how about partying on a special night like New Year's? The choice of places to celebrate may be overwhelming, yet they all offer great opportunities for fun. If you are not afraid of crowds, try to make your way towards Fremont Street: the city of lights will further lighten up with state-of-the-art sound and light shows, concerts and wine toasts as confetti fall from the sky  for the most amazing block party ever.

-Disney World, Florida

For those looking for a family friendly way to celebrate New Year's what better way than enjoying Cinderella's castle at Disney World, Florida? Rides will be available for extended hours.  The magical kingdom will be a great treat for people all ages offering streets full of music, lots of entertainment, parades, special events and dazzling firework displays. 

-Niagara Falls

For those that love nature and are looking for a different way to celebrate New Years, the Niagara Falls may be a great option. Imagine the roar of the falls accompanied by a spectacular firework display. The area brightens up as well with street vendors, an outdoor alcohol licensed area and food and drink stalls. Do not expect to be lonely though, as the event attracts about 30,000 visitors each year. The best feature of a New Year's Niagara Fall celebration? The event is complimentary!


The romantic city of Paris turns magical on New Year's eve along the beautifully illuminated Champs- Elysees. People start to flock pretty heavily already around nine PM bringing along bottles of wine and fizzing Champagne. A midnight firework display will take place strategically over the Tour Eiffel offering a sparkling view. Expect to hear lots of   Bonne Annee! wishes as ''bises'' -small kisses- are exchanged on each cheek.

As seen there are several options for those that have decided to celebrate this New Year's in a special way. There are of course several other great choices available  for those willing to travel, such as cities like London, Sydney, Berlin, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Rio de Janiero and Toronto. So kiss your T.V set goodbye and go live your New Year's live as you never did before!

Know some other great place to go? Share it here!

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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      Disney World, Florida and Niagara Falls are surprising for me. Miami not on the list. :-(

    • Queendenise35 profile image

      Denise Swoveland 8 years ago from Defiance,Ohio

      Paris and New York City sound exciting for A wild New YearsDay. I visited Disney World when I was 12years old and I have a wonderful time. Thank You for mentioning Nigara Falls, the falls are stunning at night because of the lighting of the falls. Thank you for the tips.

      From Queendenise35